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I was inspired by my friend, Carolyn, and her blog, Small Town Revelations, to start blogging. I blogged when I was in college but it was only because I had to for a class. So I decided…why not! Her blog posts are fun to read so maybe mine will be, too! Also, since I will be starting my masters in the fall I decided that this would be an easy way to keep my family members up-to-date with all of my experiences since not all of them have a Facebook or Twitter account.

My goal is to post everyday. We’ll revisit that goal soon and see if I’ve done well. I’ll probably post my “Find the Solstice” pictures up here now. And any of my witty drawings from my iPad. That is…if I can figure out how to post them into a blog post without having to link to them…

I’m definitely a newbie when it comes to blogging so the first few posts may be awkward and a bit shaky. But never fear! I’m a fast learner!

First bit of news today – I registered for my classes at UT! Woot!! Up until this point, I wasn’t entirely sure if I had been accepted into the graduate program. It’s actually a little bit ridiculous how much is unknown about my time at UT so far. This weekend I got an e-mail telling me which classes to register for. So hopefully, I do exist as a student. If not, then I’ve registered for classes and will show up regardless of my status. It’s not my fault you’re not keeping up with your systems, UTK!

I think I better start small for this first post. Let my blog-wings expand gradually. This seems like a good starting point…I feel like I need a sign-off phrase, like Glozell‘s “wink, kiss”

Yeah…I’ll work on that…


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