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That’s So Raven!

Did you ever watch the show “That’s So Raven“? I used to (and sometimes still do on Saturday mornings. Don’t judge me..). It’s actually a pretty hilarious show most of the time. And Raven cah-racks me up! I wish I had a friend like her in real life. Can you imagine the shenanigans I would get into?

Part of the reason I loved her growing up was because of the stance she took in regards to her body and weight. When people asked her why she didn’t lose weight she would say that she was comfortable with who she was. Period. And I really respected that! Swimming in a sea of what feels like “be a size 2 or suck it!” Hearing that she was comfortable in her own skin was really a powerful message.

Well, at the beginning of this year, she did an interview with PEOPLE magazine. Why? Because she had lost weight…

Before and After

If you don’t read the whole article, here is a quote from it…

“…SymonĂ© says she was never one to consider herself unattractive when she was still heavy.

“I thought I looked fabulous before and nobody else did,” she tells PEOPLE. “So, whatever.”

I thought, I can respect that. She’s losing weight for the right reasons. She’s doing it for herself. Still a powerful message. But…when I read the most recent issue of PEOPLE…with the headline of the article being “How I Lost 70lbs” I was a little disheartened. While she does still preach “be comfortable with yourself”, it almost seems like a contradiction. She was comfortable with herself (or so she said) and now she is advertising in every magazine and on The Wendy Williams Show that she has lost weight. Granted, it doesn’t help that talk shows and magazines thrive off of news like this. But what’s even worse is now that she has lost the weight, show executives are making her LOOK like she’s heavier than she is?! She even says in the newest PEOPLE article “They had to pad my outfits,” says Symone. “I finally lose weight, and the show wants me to be thicker!” According to the article, producers and executives have been on her since she was on The Cosby Show way back when to lose weight. That’s ridiculous, first of all, because her little girl character on that show should not have even been THINKING about losing weight! How old was she when she was doing Cosby??

Well, down 70 pounds she now looks like this…

Don’t get me wrong, I think she looks great! And I still love her for everything she does. She’s awesome, ridiculously talented, and hilarious. And I still want to be her best friend. I just think that it’s sad. This whole celebrity industry that ultimately rubs off on everything that normal, non-celebrities do…why do we have to be a size -4 to be pretty? And why is that even accepted? Come on people! There’s got to be more of you out there who think that idea is ridiculous!

Just to be clear and to recap. I think it’s great the she has lost this weight. I think she looks FANTASTIC! But I also think it’s sad. She looked gorgeous before. Just because you can’t fit into pants made out of a toothpick doesn’t mean that you’re not beautiful. I’m sure she knows that. Besides, who wants to wear toothpick-pants? I’m sure you would get tons of splinters by the end of the day! I just get really defensive about these sorts of things! Losing weight to be healthy is one thing. Losing weight because you think it’s what you have to do to be pretty..guuuurlll…you gotta nutha thing comin’. I’ll smack some sense into you :-)

Seacrest, out!

…yeah, I still don’t have anything


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