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Distracted Driving?

Every morning when I pull out of my apartment complex, I drive by a very small “shopping” center. I’m not even sure what stores are there. I think there’s a mini mart or something. There’s rarely anyone in the parking lot so I’m assuming it’s not a big, bustling business (yay for alliteration!). But I digress, On Tuesday when I drove to work I noticed this…

Please, take comfort in the irony of the situation. In case you can't read what the sign says, it says "Will your next text be your LAST? Distracted Driving KILLS"

I say “I noticed” like you can not notice it. Disturbing, right? Like…why would I want to see that as I’m getting ready to drive 30 minutes to work. Not only will I be driving on the interstate. No. Also on, what some have nicknamed, “I’ll kill ya” highway (aka Alcoa Highway). The point of this mangled car–just taking a while guess here, going out on a limb, if you will–is to deter drivers from texting while driving. Point proven. But can I just say….


Maybe not now that I’ve driven by it like…six times. But the first time I saw it, I literally almost ran off the road. Granted, I was turning out of my apartment complex, going less than four miles an hour, and I would’ve just driven into grass. But it caused a distraction nonetheless! Come on, TDOT…what are you thinking? I heard this saying one time, you probably haven’t heard it before, it’s probably not even an actual “saying” but it goes like this — “it’s like a car crash, you just can’t look away”.

Oh, you have heard that saying? Yeah…so has everyone else in the world. And you know why it’s a SAYING? Because it’s true. Because we love car accidents. As much as you can love something so…disastrous. We love to hate car accidents? You know what I’m getting at. We pray that everyone is okay and hope that nothing serious happened. But still…it’s eerily mesmerizing.

warning: explicit language – not work appropriate (unless you turn your volume down…lol)

Ahh Dane…you always know just what to say. And how to say it, too.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the shock value of displaying a mangled car with its airbags blown, completely ripped in half. And maybe it wouldn’t be so ridiculous if the sign didn’t say “distracted driving KILLS” because clearly, disfigured little bug, you are distracting me. Texting, believe it or not, is not the only thing that can distract said driver. I think the display would have been much more effective had the only sentence on the sign been “Will your next text be your LAST?” That’s the point the sign wants to get across, right? End it there. Unfortunately, Mr. Sign-maker, you got too excited that you finally were making a sign and went way overboard. You are now doing to drivers what you are preaching against.

That being said, I’m probably preaching to the choir anyways. You all are logical people. Right?

Me: What did we learn, class?
Class: Don’t bring candy unless you bring it for everyone to share.
Me: That’s right. Now give me your Kit-Kat and go to detention.

Sorry…now I’m just distracted period. I can’t even see the car from where I am.

Don’t distract and drive.


2 thoughts on “Distracted Driving?”

  1. I bet there were people in that car when it got so mangled. That’s what disturbs me most about this car on the side of the road. People probably died/were seriously injured in it…

    1. Yeaaah…..I try not to think about that because it’s disturbing as it is and I have to drive by it everyday. At least twice. Usually four times.

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