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I Try Too Hard

But it’s a waste of my time. Thank you, Pink. That’s exactly how I feel sometimes. I lift you up, Pink, and the message that you’re tryin’ to send!

(By far my favorite Glozell video, by the way)

Do you ever feel like you put way more effort into things than other people?
Are you tired of getting taken advantage of but don’t know how to say “no”?
Do you feel like you’ve done your part and it’s now on someone else to finish the rest?

Well, do I have the thing for you! Try my new product – “I don’t give a…!” Believe me, all you skeptics out there, this really works! Plus, you have our 100% money-back guarantee that if you’re not satisfied with “I don’t give a…!”, we will refund literally every penny that you gave us. *disclaimer: we will not refund time spent/wasted…however you may see it*

If you order “I don’t give a…!” now we will include, free of charge, one additional “I don’t give a…!” That’s right! TWO “I don’t give a…!” for the price of one (you just pay a separate processing and handling charge. But by this time, I don’t give a…and neither do you).

Seriously folks, you will never see another offer like this one. I promise you won’t be disappointed. And as a free gift to you, just for trying this product, I’ll throw in a special pair of pliers. Because who doesn’t need a pair of pliers. Unfortunately, they’re not really what you would call “good quality” pliers…

They’re actually made of the foil that Dove uses to wrap its chocolates so when you get them…don’t actually use them. They won’t work. You know what? I’m not gonna waste the postage…

BUT — you still get TWO of our “I don’t give a…!” — this is a once in a lifetime deal people. ACT NOW!

I guess I just get really frustrated sometimes because I put in a lot of effort into a lot of things (my job, my personal life, friendships, the cookies I make, etc) and when I don’t get a similar effort back…ever…it’s a little annoying. And disheartening. Do you ever feel that way? It’s hard to say exactly what I’m feeling without giving everything away. And I don’t necessarily want this to turn into a rant session. But, to K.I.S.S…I’m frustrated. I’ve been frustrated for several months. Maybe I just need to move on and forget about it. Obviously if I’m putting in the effort but not getting any return out of it, it’s not going to go anywhere anyways.

And no, William, I am not talking about you. Don’t worry. Lol…how funny would that be, though, if I broke up with you in a blog. KIDDING…I wouldn’t do that. You probably wouldn’t read that post anyways.

Well, like I said, I don’t want this to turn a pity session or a rant-blog. Those suck. I mainly wanted to advertise my new product. Look for coupons in your mailboxes shortly.

Seriously? You all want coupons?! I’m giving you TWO for ONE…how is a girl supposed to make a living these days?? Sheesh….

And remember it’s never too late to procrastinate.

Seriously…I need help thinking of an outage-phrase.


3 thoughts on “I Try Too Hard”

  1. I know where this is comeing from.

    You always have me to talk, you know that, which is why we work so well. Maybe one day, we’ll even be able to talk in person and stuff because we won’t live so far away. We’ll do coffee dates, and ice cream dates, and our babies will be BFFs too.

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