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No…I Stay…

So I have some exciting news! But before I get to that exciting news…a word from our sponsors.

I don’t really have sponsors but how cool would it be if I did?

Anyways, my exciting news is this…I got a part-time job! Woot! Where? At Maryville College…yeah. So that whole resignation thing that I did…it’s not really…I think I’m just gonna take that back. This is exciting because this is the one thing that has finally gone right in this whole year-long process. It didn’t go right initially but I guess it doesn’t really matter as long as you get from point A to point B.

Suggested route between point A and point B
The route I decided to take...

But like I said…as long as you get to point B…you’re set to go! You know that’s right!

The good thing is that I will basically be doing the same job that I am doing right now except I will only be working with fine arts students. So I won’t have to worry about looking for a part-time job waiting tables or have to learn a whole new job all over again!

That’s my exciting news of the day. Thank you and goodnight!


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