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Will and I have been watching Psych recently and let me just tell you…if you have never watched it. Please, go to and watch some Psych! It’s amazing. And hilarious. And one of my new favorite shows. So much so…that we have watched the entire series (five seasons) in about a month. Since I don’t have cable, that’s pretty much all we watch. Episode after episode of Psych.

The reason I blog about this today, my dear blog followers, is this: I get so damn invested in these characters!!! Invested far beyond the scope that a relationship between a TV character and I should go. I mean, come on, it’s a TV show for crying out loud. But I call the characters by their first name. And I don’t refer to the show like I should. For instance, if I say something that Shawn would say, I would refer to it as such. “Haha, Shawn would say that”

That’s ridiculous, Emily.

I know! But it happens. I’m so sucked into the relationship that is growing between Shawn and Jules right now that I feel like it’s happening to me. I feel let down when something goes wrong and I get butterflies when something goes right! I felt this same way about Lost, too. I guess that’s the point of a good TV show…it draws you in. But really? I mean, I want to hang OUT with these people!

Shawn Spencer. Burton Guster. Can we be friends? I know I probably won’t live up to the awesomeness level that you exude but…I just want to hang out. That’s all. Maybe watch a couple of episodes of Psych together?

This is why I don’t have friends, by the way. I spend way too much time investing myself into these characters. Loving them. Laughing with them. Crying with them.Wishing that I lived in Santa Barbara with them…

And don’t ANYBODY spoil anything from season five for me because it will make me cry. I wasn’t even psyched (ha, see what I did there?) about doing searches for the characters to include links in this post because I didn’t want to ruin anything from the rest of season five. We’re about half way though. Once we’re caught up, I would be more than happy to go out and get some coffee with you to discuss. Thanks for asking!

Seriously though, if you’re not watching Psych you need to be. End of discussion. No! I will not accept questions. Unless the question is “can I borrow your DVDs of Psych so I can watch them?” And if that’s the question, then the answer is no. Because I’m very particular about my DVDs…I will, however, direct you to Netflix where you can watch back to back episodes just like I am doing!

You don’t have a Netflix account?

….please….someone help this poor person….

This is my goodbye phrase for today. If you watch Psych, you know why.

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