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Lunch Break Shopping Spree

Have you ever wanted a personal shopper? Um…yes please. But  how much fun would it be to actually be a personal shopper for someone. I got to find out at lunch time today!

Today, my friend/coworker Becky asked me if I would go shopping with her. We went to Maurices because she had never been and it is my favorite store of all time. She wanted to get some jewelry because their jewelry is buy one get one 50% off…and who doesn’t love a SALE?! I helped her pick out some outfits and while she was trying different combinations on, I went and got myself some stuff! Gotta love sales!

I used to have these really pretty silver dangle/chandelier earrings that I wore when I didn’t want to go through the hassle of picking out which earrings to wear. They were my go-to earrings. Well…I can’t find them. While I was looking with Becky for her some jewelry…I was also looking for ME. I saw these and thought they were super cute. So I got these to replace the ones I can’t find. They were $10. Maybe now I’ll be able to find the ones I lost!

Since they were BOGO 50% off…I had to get another pair, right? You know that’s right! I got these for $4

Since the sale racks are at the back of the store, I decided to browse while Becky continued to try one some clothes. I found these CUTE jean shorts for $15. I have like…two pairs of shorts now! I hate those short, short jeans. Who wears short shorts? Not this girl…noooo sir.

As you know, I was trying to plan what I’m going to wear tomorrow. And I still hadn’t figured it out by the time we got to the mall this afternoon. But this little ring…(which I got for free because Becky had an odd number of jewelry items so she took it out of my hand and paid for it! Thanks, Becky!) helped me decide! I’m going to wear my matching purple/pink dress with a cardigan tomorrow.The color is a little bit darker in the picture than it actually is. And I’m not usually a big-ring wearer. I wear two rings every day. But they’re not huge rings.

Annnnd last but not least I got a pair of black high heels for $6.95. I usually hate wearing high heels. But these were surprisingly comfortable. And affordable. So I said yes. Not to the dress though…to the shoes.


Let me break it down for ya, nice and smooth
Give me just a sec’ so I can get it the groove
Thanks for readin’ about my haul
I think it was successful all in all.

Yeah. I’m out! *thug nod/peace sign*

This really is me...

PS – Marie was there, too. She didn’t buy anything though.


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