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Doctors I Do Not Like

This is going to be difficult to write. Not difficult in the sense that I might cry…but difficult because I just had my eyes dilated at the eye doctor. Which brings me to my point.

I hate the eye doctor. (I love MY eye doctor. He’s awesome.) But I hate GOING to the eye doctor. Those stupid tests that they have to do…the puff of air…the thing that touches your eye (by the way…I didn’t know until TODAY that it touches your eye…)…the “tell me which is better…number 1 (switch) or number 2″…they both look the same to me!

This is the most intimidating piece of equipment...

But the thing I hate the most about going to the eye doctor…are eye drops. I. hate. eye drops. My eyes start to water as soon as you say “eye drops” … my eyes are watering now. Probably because of a combination of things – I can’t see/I’m talking about eye drops/I got a new prescription today. I can’t do it. Dr Cross always says “well, we both don’t have to be good at it as long as one of us is…and I’m great at it” so that makes me feel better. But I’m sure he’s like “seriously, this girl is ridiculous” I feel like I’m scooting further and further down the chair as he’s getting ready to put the eye drops in my eyes…..

I need a tissue…my eyes are STILL watering. Let’s move on.

The next (and final) doctor that I hate going to has to be the dentist. Like…I can’t explain enough how much I hate going to the dentist. I guess it’s because I’ve had to go so many times throughout my life that I hate going now…

For those of you who don’t know…I have two fake teeth. Yeah! Right in the front of my mouth. And I’m really self conscious about it so don’t say anything about it. I’m surprised I even am telling you about it now.

ANYways…I hate going to the dentist. I think the thing I hate about the dentist the most is when they have to put my fake teeth in if the bridge falls out (I know…I sound like an old lady…)

Here’s how that office visit goes. I sit down in the chair, they take out the bridge…and then they grab their scraping device. And they scrape, and scrape, and scrape at my tooth. Why? Because for some strange reason the glue that is supposed to hold my tooth to my metal bridge doesn’t stick to the metal at all. It all stays on my tooth. So they scrape. Until it’s all off of my tooth. And it’s sensitive…really really sensitive…

After that’s done they put huge cotton cylinders in the sides of my mouth to keep my tooth dry. Ahh the preparation that must be done. Then then they blast my tooth with air so they can make sure it’s extra dry.

So far, except for the scraping, it’s not too bad. But then…then comes the glue. It’s the most disgusting thing that you will ever have the fortune of not knowing. Did that even make sense?…yeah I think it does.

You know when you walk by/in the vicinity of a nail salon you can smell the glue from wherever you are? That’s what it’s like…except four hundred times worse because it’s in your mouth. Next time you’re near a nail salon…why don’t you just stop on it and ask them to squirt nail glue into your mouth…

They put the tooth back in and then I have to sit there for about ten minutes until it dries fully. Still with the cotton cylinders against the sides of my mouth. Then they’re done. And because my teeth hate me… I’ll more than likely have to go through the whole thing again in about six months. You know whats really funny though? The teeth alternate falling out. So when I go get one glued back in…I know it’s just a matter of time before the next one falls out. So really it’s about every three months.

So there you have it folks…the two doctors I hate visiting the most. And the two doctors that I cannot avoid…

Until tomorrow, dear BF (blog followers)!

I think I found my phrase :)


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