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I didn’t blog yesterday so I’m bloggin today ABOUT yesterday and I’m blogging via my iPhone so excuse any mistakes or strange word replaces because of autocorrect.

As I’m listening to Neil Patrick Harris, filling in for Ryan Seacrest report the weekly top 40 I decided that in between my church services would be a good time to blog about my experience. By the way, Neil Patrick Harris is hilarious and I love him.

Back to what I’m here for…

Yesterday Will and I went down to Dayton to visit his sister and see the last Harry Potter Movie. We left around nine to go see the 12:30 movie and luckily it wasn’t very busy by the time we got to the movie.

We picked up Bonnie-Marie at her house (which is adorable and I totally want to live in a house like that) and we left to head down to Chattanooga for the movie. The movie was amazing. I really enjoyed it. I think Bonnie-Marie and Will liked it a lot to. As someone who has not read the last few books, it was a little confusing at times because people in the audience start to cry before anything sad happens since they know what’s about to happen. While I’m sitting in the audience thinking “what’s about to happen…?”

Regardless, I think it was great! Will is slightly depressed now that the whole series is over. And I can totally empathize with him since that happens to me all the time with TV shows.

After the movie, though, was my favorite part of the day. We went to a store called “Green Life” and oh my gosh. It was the most amazing (and intimidating) store I’ve ever been in.

Bonnie-Marie and I standing in front of the Green Life sign. I'm eating my delicious gelato!

They had organic everything. Apparently this was similar to a Whole Foods (it’s actually owned by Whole Foods) or a grocery store like that. But this store also had a restaurant in it. With amazing food choices. And they had a bakery AND gelato…and everything you could ever want. It was literally the best experience I’ve had in a grocery store!

We ended up eating lunch there. Will got three huge slices of pizza. One slice had basil, spinach, cheese, and chicken on it. It was delicious and I’m actually surprised he ate it since it had so many vegetables on it. The other two slices had tomatoes and chicken on it with some spices. Amazing. I got a beef and onion broth soup with a salad with fresh cucumbers and tomatoes with this delicious dressing. It was a spicy chili almond dressing. It looked like salsa but it was similar to the hot chili sauce you get at Chinese restaurants with cilantro and all kinds of other vegetables in it. If you know me, you know that I love ANYTHING with cilantro in it. It’s probably my favorite herb/spice to use. So I ended up buying some. Since they make it in-house I had to buy it by the pound which made it really expensive. But it’s totally worth it. It was the BEST salad dressing I’ve ever had.

After lunch we went back to Bonnie-Marie’s house and spent some more time with her. We ended up talking about the BBC Masterpiece Mystery series: Sherlock Holmes. Apparently Will and Bonnie-Marie watched the old Sherlock Holmes series when they were growing up so they were both pretty skeptical but Bonnie-Marie decided to go ahead and watch it and she told Will and I that we had to watch it. So when we got back to my house we watched the first episode. It was actually really good. And it’s on instant Netflix – so make sure to watch it if you have instant Netflix.

On a side note…yes, I still have my Netflix account. I’ll decide whether to keep it once I determine whether or not they’re going to update the instant viewing selection. If they don’t…it’s going in the trash. Well…you know what I mean.

Until tomorrow, my dear BFs!


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