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Musical Genius?

Today I bring you, my first VLOG! Also known as…a VIDEO BLOG!

Until tomorrow, dear BFs!


5 thoughts on “Musical Genius?”

  1. I think this has been my favorite blog of yours…maybe because I got to see your face, and that’s pretty cool, because that doesn’t happen too often. Or it’s because I got to hear you sing, which also hasn’t happened in a while.

    It could have also been because you made fun of Katy Perry, who I super hate. Also, Though it didn’t need to be added to the KP mash-up because really it’s the worst I’ve heard ever, you left out Extraterrestrial. I’m pretty sure she asks you to shoot her with your “lasers,” and maybe to probe her. It’s absolutely awful. I’m pretty sure my ears bleed, and a hundred kittens die everytime it’s played.

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