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Is This Real Life?

MY FRIEND TORI IS COMING TO VISIT TODAY!!!!!!! And I ask, “is this real life” because we have tried to get together for the past like…six years…and it has yet to happen. It’s happening, people. It’s happening toDAY!

The last time we really got to spend time together - sophomore year in college.

You don’t know how excited I am. Whenever I hear stories of people who went to high school together and then seven years down the road they get together and it’s like nothing ever changed…I think of Tori. Granted, we talk like…once a week so it’s not like we haven’t spoken to each other since sophomore year in college. And (to quote my mom) with today’s technology it’s a lot easier to stay in touch.

Our Halloween costumes. We were "freeken awwsum"

But still. I can’t wait! She’s coming in today around 5:30 and spending the WHOLE WEEKEND HERE! I feel like I little kid on Christmas! This is the best present ever! :-)

Last picture of us, I promise. Back in high school at the senior picnic!

I don’t think I’ll be able to sit still all day long. I’m waaaay too excited. *jumps for joy*

Until tomorrow, dear BFs!


1 thought on “Is This Real Life?”


    Also, don’t let anyone try and tell you that I drank that entire two-liter by myself, because I didn’t. I just want to clarify that.

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