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Weekend Warriors!

That’s what Tori and I were…all weekend. We conquered nations. Solved world problems. And went tubing down the Little Pigeon Forge River.

Tori arrived Friday evening around 6:30pm. We saw each other. Like…SAW each other for the first time in over a year and a half. We were soooo excited! We decided to go to Jenny’s gig at “The Remedy Coffee” in downtown Knoxville. Jenny sings with The Madelines and if you haven’t seen them…you TOTALLY need to find their next gig and go to it because they’re adorable. And awesome.

We both got iced coffee and I think it was then that it hit us. Oh my gosh we are sitting next to each other drinking coffee!

After the coffee shop, we walked down to Barley’s Taproom. I figured that was probably a good place to take her in Knoxville. And little did I know, the AFTAH PARTY was there! They were awesome. We ordered pizza and listened to fabulous music while we discussed high school experiences and people. After dinner, we left, went back to my place and stayed up and talked til the wee ‘ours of the morn’.

Saturday “morning” we got up at around 10:30 to get ready to go tubing! I had a Groupon for buy one, get one free tubing down the Little Pigeon Forge River. Will decided that he wanted to go with us so we left and went to Kroger to get breakfast. We took off and arrived at what they call the Smokey Mountain River Romp. If you hear river “romp” wouldn’t you think this…?

We did too. No. It’s not. The River Romp was more of a…river…”rest”.

I hear you saying “Emily, that doesn’t even look like it’s moving” Yeah…it barely was. It was a two and a half mile stretch of river and it took literally like…two hours to finish the whole thing. Once we did hit the rapids Tori couldn’t handle them. She hit a rapid and fell out of her tube. And then she couldn’t get back in. She lost her headband but didn’t lose her sunglasses. And me, being the friend that I am, saved her water bottle from drowning. Heck yeah. I know. I made a lot of sacrifices to save it. But I saved it.

After the river romp we went to the “Fusion Cafe” which was a nice sit-down Chinese restaurant. All three of us were exHAUSted so we decided that once we got home, we would just rent a movie and relax. We rented “Tangled” and it was REALLY cute. If you haven’t seen it, you should.

Since I had church on Sunday morning, I ended up going to bed a little bit early. After church on Sunday, I took Tori out to Ruby Tuesday’s for her birthday lunch. On the way back home, we stopped at Borders. You know that Borders is going out of business, right? Wouldn’t you think that they would have a good sale? Well…they didn’t. So that was a little bit disappointing. We also went to the Apple Store so I could look to see if they had any iPhone covers. You know those iPhone “Bumpers” are like..$30??? Seriously? A small piece of plastic around the EDGES of the phone and it’s $30??? I didn’t end up getting one. I ordered one off of for $3.42. With shipping it was still less than $6.00. Yes please…I’d much rather do that.

Needless to say, it was an awesome weekend. I’m so glad we got to spend some time together. Sorry I didn’t blog at all this weekend. It was special circumstances! :-)

Until tomorrow, dear BFs.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Warriors!”

  1. 1. River Romp is totally right beside my mom’s house. My mom lives in a neighborhood down the road from where they come pick you up.
    2. Tangled was the shiz. I could watch that all day, every day. My favorite song was “Mother Knows Best.” So wicked and evil. And my favorite scene is where Rapunzel goes from excited to sad to excited to sad, etc. So true to real life.
    3. I shouldn’t have numbered if I only had two things to say.

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