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Since I’m becoming part-time at Maryville College next Friday I had to move offices so as to not take an office away from someone who works every day from 8:00-5:00. In order to do so, I had to move into what has become known as “the hole”. The reason it was known as the hole is because anything that couldn’t be put anywhere else in the office was put into the hole. The student workers work in “the hole” and there are TONS of binders, boxes, and random stuff that nobody knows is still around. I’m being nice when I say “stuff” by the way…

Had I known that I was going to be blogging about this, I would’ve taken a before picture. But since I didn’t know…I’ll just post the after picture. And believe me…it looks about a million times better than it did when I moved in yesterday.


At first, I was a little upset about getting moved into this place. Mainly because before, with all the boxes and random crap that was in this office, I felt like I was being put in timeout. Also, because everyone who walks by my
new office says a comment along the lines of “wow, I guess when you go part time you really find out what the pecking order is around this place.”

Makes you feel about | —- | that big. I mean…if I hadn’t been asked to move offices, I probably would’ve offered anyways. Why waste a huge office (with a window — which apparently is a big deal to have) when I won’t even be there everyday? I would want someone else to have a “real” office. And the reason for the comment about the window is because you literally couldn’t see anything out my window. There was a huge tree/bush in front of it. And even if you COULD see out of it…I would be looking at a huge air conditioning unit. Wow. What a view.


Anyways, I like my snuggie. That’s what I’m calling it because “the hole” sounds disgusting. And I think it looks nice, thank you very much. Besides, I’m
just grateful to have a job…who cares what the “pecking order” is?

Until tomorrow, fellow BFs!


1 thought on “Office Space”

  1. So that’s what it is like working at a school with money. You have money for supplies and things, and your own computer that isn’t from the middle ages. If only I had taken a picture or my office furniture and such….

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