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Frozen Yogurt and Cupcakeries

This is an epidemic sweeping the country right now, people. YOU MUST BE MADE AWARE! I am here with some information. Information that could determine whether you live. OR DIE! Have you noticed that there are more and more frozen yogurt places popping up like wildflowers right now? Froyos, Menchies, 3 Spoons Yogurt.

All I can say is…poor TCBY! I remember going to TCBY when I was a kid in Asheville, NC. That was several years ago…when I was in middle school to be exact. And now look at all the competition! Maybe it’s just because I haven’t been really up-to-date on all the frozen yogurt happenings across the country but I feel like it’s just recently started to explode!

Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE frozen yogurt. I think I may like it better than ice cream most of the time.

Speaking of…maybe I’ll head out to Menchies now…I wish I could. That would be amazing. You know the best part about those frozen yogurt places? All the toppings you have to choose from. Chocolate chips, Oreos, sprinkles, Reese’s pieces…the list is never-ending.

And if you are one of those healthy-eaters there are choices for you, too! Like fruit, and nuts, and cheesecake bites. What…that’s not healthy? How is it NOT healthy to eat cheesecake? You have to be happy at some point in your life – INDULGE! (in moderation…we don’t need to contribute to the other epidemic.)

You know another outbreak sweeping our country? The country we call “home”? Petting zoos! I know, right?

No…I’m kidding. I wanted to try to throw you off since clearly the title of this blog is “Frozen Yogurt and Cupcakeries”. Therefore the second epidemic is….

*drum roll*


Don’t those just look amazing? It makes me want to go out and bake cupcakes while eating frozen yogurt. I feel like today is a good day to talk about this because it’s FRIDAY! I like to talk about exciting things on Fridays. If anyone feels the urge to go get some frozen yogurt or cupcakes, be sure to remember why you felt that urge. Bring something back for me! You know where I be!

Man I’m hungry…

Until tomorrow, fellow BFs.


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