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Horrible Bosses

(I downloaded the WordPress app on my iPhone and did my blog on that last night and when I went to post it, it was if I hadn’t written anything! Stupid thing didn’t save. So before I rewrote the whole thing needed to not be as angry. Thus why the blog was not published yesterday!)

I decided I needed a break tonight. I feel like I have been studying non-stop for the past two and a half-three weeks. Oh! It’s probably because I have. And for those of you who know me…that’s a big deal. I’m actually pleasantly surprised at the quality of studying that I’m doing! Maybe it’s because I haven’t been in school so I’m excited about being a student again.

But I digress…

I wanted to treat myself for taking such good, copious notes so I asked Will if we could go to see a movie — we usually don’t go to movies because it’s so expensive but thanks to my mom, I had a gift card! So we looked at the movies playing and I wanted to see either “Bad Teacher” or “Horrible Bosses

As you can tell by the title of this blog, we decided to go see Horrible Bosses.

First and foremost, this movie is hilarious. It ranks number two on my “Movies I Laughed At Out Loud in the Theater” list. The first being “The Hangover“. However, “Horrible Bosses” is not a movie I would want to go see with my grandmother. Unless my grandmother was Ma from “Ma’s Roadhouse“…and she’s definitely not.

The plot is as such…there are three friends who work at separate jobs. Clearly, they have horrible bosses. They all come up with this master plan to kill each others bosses and the movie plays out as such. I’m not going to spoil it for you but I do suggest going to see the movie.


I give it five stars because….

1. It was exactly the type of movie I was in the mood to see
2. Charlie Day is hilarious in it (and my be my favorite new actor because of it)
3. Jason Bateman is great in pretty much anything he does and acts as the closest thing to the “voice of reason”. Plus he drives a Prius. +1 for him!
4. It’s dirty but doesn’t cross the line in a “really…? We could’ve done without that…” way.

I say you should go see it. I would definitely go see it again if you need a movie date. Give me a call!

Until tomorrow, dear BFs.


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