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Come Sunday

I heave a contented sigh of relief come Sunday. Since I sing in the two choirs at Church Street United Methodist, I have to wake up really early on Sunday morning. I do not enjoy the waking up part of Sunday. What I do enjoy, however, is coming home afterwards with the rest of the day at my fingertips!

Most Sundays I decide to nap at some point during the day. Usually my nap time is immediately after lunch. Today, I had a delightful nap, thank you for asking! I never used to take naps. In fact, I used to hate it when I had to take naps as a little kid. Once I started college, though, I realized how awesome naps are. I am a great supporter of naps now. I suggest you try one. You’ll be surprised how wonderful they are!

Solstice and Autumn are in definite support of my Sunday nap time as well.

It’s such a nice and relaxing Sunday! Join me in my lazy Sunday, won’t you?

One last thing before I sign off for today. I wanted to share my updated opinion on living in Knoxville. I have to say, it’s definitely growing on me! Last night after Will and I went to the movie, we decided to go check out the music at Coolato Gelato. I saw on Facespace that one of our friends had a gig and I definitely want to show as much support as I can – especially when it comes to jazz! So we went to hear jazz and have coffee and gelato! After a movie date! What a fantastic evening ’twas!

Believe it or not, this is Will having a good time....

This is where I ask you to jump on my bandwagon and support your local musical scene – whatever that may be! My personal preference is jazz but as long as you are supporting local musicians…you’re a-okay in my book!

Go, local musicians, go! <-- me supporting them!

Anywho, two posts in a day! You should count your lucky stars that I love blogging so much! What would you do without it? Don’t answer that…let me live in my world where everyone likes reading about my life! :-)

Until tomorrow, fellow BFs!


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