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I don’t have cable. I chose not to have cable after I went without cable for a couple of weeks and realized how nice it was to not have it. You don’t really realize until you don’t have it that the only reason you watch it is because it’s there. It’s kinda like chocolate cake sitting on the counter, you might as well go ahead and eat it all! You’re gonna eat the calories anyways…why not just do it all at once instead of spreading them out over a normal period of time? You know I’m not the only one that thinks about that!

Anyways, as you may know, Will and I have TV phases that we go through. First, we went through the entire Lost series. Then we went with Law and Order: SVU. We have also conquered Modern Family and Burn Notice. Our most recent series take-down was Psych.

Our current quest – Monk.

My feelings on this show are two-fold. I really like the show. I’m into detective-type shows and this is a detective-type show. It’s not a comedy, but it’s not all drama either. There are some funny moments mainly stemming from the fact that Monk is really OCD about everything. Which brings me to my other feelings about the show…I’m OCD in certain ways, too. Everything has its own space and everything should be in its place. I’m very organized so I have folders for everything, baskets for computer cords, etc. That really goes along with “everything has it’s splace” (space+place=splace). I’m not so much OCD as far as germs go because my dad is a doctor. When we were growing up, if someone in the family was sick and we were trying everything possible so as to not get anyone else sick, my dad would say something along the lines of “you do realize that you’re getting the germs anyways, right?” And we would go about our business…sometimes we got sick, too, other times we didn’t. I do keep hand sanitizer wherever I go – just in case. But really my OCD shows up in other parts of my life.

Not okay with me...
Muuuuch better!

Take, for instance, my studying for music history entrance exams. I started highlighting one of my history books with a green highlighter. On Saturday, I didn’t have a green highlighter, so I just decided not to highlight until I could find one. I only write in the book in pencil, but I take all of my notes with the same black pen. Also, there are no highlighting marks on the papers. Each era is broken down and in its own section of papers. Stapled behind the original study sheet with all the terms that are completed highlighted with green highlighter…

…I think you get the point…

This, among other things, is one way that I am OCD. Well…watching Monk is making me realize that it’s not all in my head. I have some of the same characteristics that Monk displays…that’s a little frightening. According to the show–granted, I’m not sure how accurate this is–something traumatic happened to him and now he is the way that he is. Before, he was slightly OCD…now he is over-the-top. Could that happen to me? I don’t know how I would feel about that…

Not only does the fact that the pencil is out of line bother me. But the fact that all of the pencils are not the same length also bothers me...

Anyways, as I was saying, watching Monk has made me realize that, while I do love the show, I sometimes hate watching it because I see myself in him a lot of the times. And I realize that it’s ridiculous…but I don’t know how to change it. Plus, as of right now, I’m not really sure I would want to change it. It’s part of who I am!

There ya go…something you may not have known about me. What fun :)

Until tomorrow, fellow BFs!


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