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Crazy, Stupid, Love

I went to see another movie last night on a whim. One of my friends invited me on the way home and I was like…….OKAY! Why not? Twist my arm! When she told me we were going to see “Crazy, Stupid, Love” I was a little apprehensive because while the movie has some good things going for it (mainly Ryan Gosling) the plot line is basically set up for failure. Typical chick-flick plot lines are always worrisome to me. They have the potential to be hilarious but nine times out of ten, at least for me, they’re pretty ridiculous and predictable. Granted, being predictable is one of the key components of a chick-flick, but it’s not always necessary. While I will not spoil the movie for you, I will say that this chick-flick has a surprising turn near the end and I applaud the writers for throwing that in there. I was pretty impressed.

The thought of seeing a comedy immediately after seeing a comedy that I thoroughly enjoyed always makes me a little nervous because I have such high expectations. I want to laugh in a comedy! I know, I know…it’s a little outlandish. But I’ve got to say…these two comedies did their job! I definitely laughed. Out loud, even!

A little bit more about the movie, without giving anything away…Steve Carell is his typical Steve Carell character: a goofy, lovable guy who is really too naive for his own good. He meets Ryan Gosling is portrayed as a freakin’ sexy bad ass who is going to change Steve Carell into the man he forgot he was. Basically the plot takes you through Steve’s journey of whether or not he should try to win back his wife who wants a divorce.

What I liked about the movie: The twist near the end
What I didn’t like about the movie: It was a little slow-moving at times
My favorite part of the movie: Ryan Gosling. Hot. End of story.
Would I see this movie again: Yeah, I’ll probably buy it when it comes out on DVD, too
Would I suggest this movie to friends: Definitely! Go see it now!

Cast & Credits

Cal – Steve Carell
Jacob – Ryan Gosling
Emily – Julianne Moore
Hannah – Emma Stone
Jessica – Analeigh Tipton
Robbie – Jonah Bobo
Molly – Joey King
Kate – Marisa Tomei
Claire – Beth Littleford
Bernie – John Carroll Lynch
Lindhagen – Kevin Bacon


Until tomorrow, fellow BFs!


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