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A Penniless World

So I know you all are really disappointed that I didn’t blog yesterday. My plan was to blog about this yesterday but unfortunately, I fell asleep at 8:30pm and woke up at 7:00am.

Me sleeping last night

Thanks to my hibernation last night, I am AWAKE, alert, and ready today. And so glad it’s Friday! It’s also my last full-time day at Maryville. Which is bittersweet. But since I have to come into work on Monday, not much of a change.

As I have said many times in the past, I’m not much of a politics-watcher, and I don’t really understand very much about our legal system in general because it’s just way too complicated for me. I feel like every time I try to get involved and start to understand something that there is so much baggage that I don’t know about. Basically, trying to get “caught-up” on politics/governmental happenings is like being pushed into a fire and trying not to get burned in the process. Plus, it raises my blood pressure when I sit down and actually think about things that are going on right now. So I try to mind my own business while staying up-to-date as much as possible. Seems impossible but I tend to do okay. Just because I may not understand fully what’s going on, doesn’t mean I sit back and just watch things happen without caring. I feel that there is definitely a difference between me and someone who generally doesn’t care about what’s happening in our country.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the debt “crisis” that our country is going through and as I was listening to NPR on the way home, I realized that it’s not just America going through a debt “crisis”, apparently Europe is having some financial troubles, too. Which got me thinking — what would happen if the world didn’t revolve around money?

I’m talking about no currency whatsoever. Anywhere. What would happen? I mean if we had no monetary system at all there would obviously be extreme chaos because we are a selfish society so everyone would run out to the stores to “buy” things they couldn’t afford previously. You think tax-free weekend is bad, think about what would happen if things didn’t cost any money! Our world would basically self-destruct. But what if, instead, we went more along the barter system lines?

But I started at the beginning. I asked myself “what would happen if our world didn’t require money?” And I thought and thought and thought about it. Going through such thoughts as “how would you buy gas?” and “how would you buy food?”, etc. Our world is completely centered around money. I challenge you to think about something right now that you do on a daily basis that doesn’t require money of some kind. You may say “I’ll surf the web”. No you won’t. Because that requires you to pay the internet provider. You may say “I’ll read a book”. Not unless you wrote it, on paper that you made yourself. I have yet to come up with an activity that doesn’t require me to use money in some sense.

Continuing on the question “what would our world do without money?” I then realized that there is a good chance that nobody would continue to work because, for some people, earning money is the only incentive that they have to go to work. Well that would be somewhat of a problem. Then nobody would be able to do anything. Granted, there would be some people who would continue to work. (I guess at that point we would know who really loved their job.) You would still have musicians! We don’t make any money anyways…ha!

Always tip! Wait, no don' don't have any money...

That thought ultimately led me to the barter system. Why don’t we do that anymore? Why did that fail? I just don’t understand why we’ve gotten ourselves into this mess…I’m not going to sit here and post a solution for our money problems because I don’t really have one. I have a lot of questions about things that “we” (our government) spends its money on but who am I to post such questions?

I will blog about the ridiculous FAA story that I posted a link to in this blog tomorrow.

Until tomorrow, fellow BFs!


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