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Weekend Wrap-up

First and foremost, let me introduce you to my newest friend.

Pretty sweet, right? It’s okay to weep a little. I did. And I’m not ashamed of it! It all began yesterday when Will and I were supposed to make a trip down to Chattanooga to meet my family for the day.

*insert bubble-y dream-like story music here*

It basically all started because Will wanted to get his bass worked on before school starts. The only weekend we both had free to make a trip somewhere was this weekend so I called my mom and asked if they were busy. Will goes to a bass shop in Alpharetta to get his bass worked on so I figured he could drive to Chattanooga, drop me off so I could spend the day with my family while he’s getting his bass worked on, and then he could meet back up with us in Chattanooga whenever he was ready. Well, at around 7:45am my dad called and asked if we wanted to just meet in Atlanta instead. It really didn’t matter to me where we met, I just wanted to see my family and Will wanted to get his bass worked on. So as long as those two things happened, I was happy! We ended up deciding to meet in Atlanta because there is a delicious Persian restaurant (Rumi’s Kitchen – amazing…you HAVE to go!) and he also wanted to go the Lamborghini dealer that is apparently located in Atlanta as well.

We arrive in Alpharetta, which is where the bass shop is located, and guess what? There’s a parade. First of all, why the hell would you hold a parade in such a small town? And second of all, parades are really just an inconvenience to everyone. You really think those high school band kids wanted to get up at the break of dawn to get ready to march in a parade? I’d put my money on…they probably would rather be sleeping in on a Saturday morning. Anyways, there are like…six streets in downtown Alpharetta and five and a half of them were blocked off. And the sixth street was blocked off halfway down the road so there’s literally no way to get to this bass shop. Will parked in a vet office parking lot and got his bass out to walk down the street to the bass shop and as he was heading down the street some lady calls out to him that he’s not allowed to park there unless he’s bringing an animal to the clinic. Surprisingly, Will says that he’ll just be gone for a couple of minutes and he’ll come back and immediately move the car. Go, Will! I was proud. When he gets back, we try to figure out where/how to park. Because literally every street was closed, we ultimately talk a cop into letting us into downtown Alpharetta. And by this time, I’m pretty agitated. But we get to the bass shop and his bass is about done which made me a much happier camper.

Also around this time, my parents call me to let me know that they’re about 30 minutes away from the restaurant. Since Rumi’s is about 20 minutes away from where we were we decided to go ahead and leave to meet my family at the restaurant. Guess what. Road construction. Which means? More traffic.

The kind of traffic that makes you want to run over every other driver in the road. Also the kind of traffic where you have to be NICE to other drivers or else nobody is going to get their way! You have to let people in if they need to be let in. You have to yield. Follow directions, drivers. It’s THAT easy! Needless to say, by the time we got to the restaurant, my blood pressure was about…5,402. If you don’t know anything about blood pressure numbers, that’s pretty high. Once I had that Persian food in me….I was gooooood :-)

After lunch, dad takes us to the Lamborghini dealership. If you’ve never been…you should go.

Beautiful car #1...

Mainly you should go because you’ll it’s rare to see that many expensive cars in one place. As we pulled onto the lot I told Will that this dealership doesn’t even know what a “Ford” is…

Beautiful car #2...

After the dealership (and no, we didn’t come away with a car) we decided to go to the mall to do some shopping. My dad surprisingly suggests that Apple store. We (my brother, Will, and myself) follow him over to the computers. I was a little caught off guard, but I had done my research so I knew exactly what I wanted! Now all I need to do is sell my old computer. Any takers? Hit me up!

I may be a tad excited about opening my new computer...

After the mall, we ended our evening with Ruth’s Chris. I forgot to mention, but my brother’s 16th birthday is next Monday and since I won’t be able to go home, this was his birthday celebration day. Thus why we dined at Ruth’s Chris that evening. We had amazing appetizers, the best steaks in the world, and this for dessert.

The best dessert ever. But oh so sinful...

All in all, I’d say it was a pretty fantastic weekend. Don’t you think? I hope you all had as good of a weekend as I did. Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. Now that you’ve read about my day yesterday, you can see why I didn’t have time to post. Hopefully today’s extra long post makes up for it!

Until tomorrow, dear BFs!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-up”

    1. It was a 17″ MacBook Pro

      2.33 GHz Intel Core 2 Due Processor; 2.0 GB RAM; OS 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard); 160GB Hard Drive; iLife ’08 installed; iWork ’08 installed; brand new battery (6 mo. old)

      I’m asking for $950 or best offer.

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