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We’re all guilty of it. Being a technology tramp, that is. You know that one person in your life that is more guilty of it than others. If you don’t know who that “one person” is…then it’s more than likely you. I hate to say it. But we all think it. And for those of you who know me…you know that I am the queen of saying out loud what everyone else keeps to themselves.

It’s one of my pet peeves. It literally drives me nuts. I hate people who cannot stay away or off of their phones for two seconds.

Seriously dude? I really want you to drop your phone in the water right now.

You know that ones I’m talking about. The ones that sit in front of the television with their cell phone glued to their hand. (Side note: Pick your poison! TV or cell phone? I’m not going to allow you to have both. You don’t NEED both of them!) Or the couple out to dinner at a fancy-schmancy restaurant…both on their cell phones. And don’t you find it a little bit ridiculous that when you go the movies there is an ad that tells you to silence your cell phone and not to text? You paid $300 to go to the movies and you’re distracted by the text message your friend just sent you or explaining to your girlfriend what happened when you took Precious Puss to the vet’s office earlier in the day? Wait until you get home. That’s unnecessary!

This picture is hilarious. And it's on Iowa State University's website! Haaaa! I've provided the link. (click on the picture)

Picture it. Sicily. 2010. In the last apartment complex I lived in. I saw a woman who was in the pool on her iPhone with a child with her. The child was probably about three or four, splashing around and enjoying life, while the mother was on her cell phone. I should also mention that she had a tattoo of the word “judgement” on her rib cage. Spelled just like that…..two strikes for her…..

Whatever happened to going out to dinner and sitting down with your loved ones and having a real discussion? When I was growing up we ate every single meal together. My mom made a sit-down meal every single night and we had dinner. Together. And we all helped get dinner ready. We talked to each other while we were preparing dinner. And we talked to each other while we were at the table. And we talked to each other while we were cleaning up…I have provided the definition of “talk” below.



verb (used without object)

1. to communicate or exchange ideas, information, etc., by speaking: to talk about poetry.
2. to consult or confer: Talk with your adviser.
3. to spread a rumor or tell a confidence; gossip.
4. to chatter or prate.
5. to employ speech; perform the act of speaking: to talk very softly ; to talk into a microphone.
I guess I’m old-fashioned. I enjoy conversation. And “quality” time. I guess my definition of “quality” is different from most. And as I said before, I’m just as guilty as anyone else at times. I’ve done my fair share of texting while talking to someone. Or being on the phone while also being in front of the computer. But I also know when it’s time to put my phone away. Let it charge. Give it a break.
Will reading comics on his phone. And no, he's not asleep...I just caught him with his eyes closed.

To be fair, he was reading those comics as I was working on setting up my new computer. It was a lazy Sunday and we were just kinda hanging out. There’s a time and a place for everything. Being on the phone with one person when you’re having a conversation with someone else in person – not the time or place. Being on the phone with one person and having a conversation with them – perfectly okay. It’s all in the details, people!

Also, for those of you who caught the Golden Girls reference before this point, I give you 10 points. These points are kind of like Schrute Bucks. And are about as valuable. But keep track of them…some day, they may just save your life…
Until tomorrow, dear BFs!

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