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Laundry Mats

Today was my first experience at a Laundromat. I guess it was actually my first half-experience because it wasn’t a full-blown laundromat, it was my apartment complex’s laundry room. It looks like a laundromat and smells like a laundromat. I guess if it looks and smells like one then it pretty much is one!


It’s actually pretty nice. Although, they said that there would be wi-fi in here and I can’t seem to find it…so I’m a little disappointed about that. I guess the majority of people who bring their laundry here usually start it and leave until their loads are done. But that makes me so nervous. What if someone steals my clothes? What would I do?

So I sit. And wait. Without any wi-fi…I brought my study materials but I am so tired of studying! I had a dream the other night about music history and the placement exam. That means that it’s time to get this over with! Don’t you think? Ugh…

I’ll enjoy some Ella Fitzgerald while I’m sittin’ here. I think you should, too!

So for those of you with more experience with laundromats, what is a good price for the washer and dryer? Here it’s $1.25 for both. So since I had two loads, it ended up being $5.00 to do my laundry. I guess that’s not too bad…?

Side-note: I wrote all of the above on my phone while I was sitting and waiting for the washer to finish before I could put my clothes in the dryer. The following part was composed after my laundry was finished…several hours later.

So I washed my clothes, put them in the dryer and was sitting there waiting for them to dry. I read some, studied some, felt really unproductive even though I was doing laundry…then the dryers finished. So I go over to the dryers to start folding my clothes. And this is what I see…

It’s alive, although it looks dead in this picture. It’s hard to get a good scale as to how large this bug was. It was the size of my thumb. Possibly even larger. And for those of you who know me...I do not handle bugs well. So the exact thought that went through my mind is a little too vulgar to put on this family-friendly site. I’ll tone it down for you. Remember, I’m the only one in the laundromat at this time. So out loud, I say, “You’ve gotta be freakin‘ kidding me. I’m not folding my clothes with that stuff here!” So I left. I grabbed my clothes and I left. I will never do my laundry in a laundromat ever again. I hate bugs. *cringe*

Actually, I don’t know if I’ll never do my laundry at a laundromat ever again. It wasn’t an unpleasant experience until the bug decided to waltz through the room. And the fact that I didn’t have wi-fi was a little annoying. Other than that, my clothes got clean. So…it may be a coin-toss as to whether I go back or not. I guess it’ll depend on how bug-friendly I feel at the time.

Also, most importantly, I have a gig tonight at Coolato Gelato this evening starting at 8:30pm. Come out and hear some good music! I’ll be playing with Will Yager (bass) and Kenton Martin (guitar). Come check it out! Pleeaase? Remember what I said about supporting local musicians?!

Until tomorrow, fellow BFs!


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