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Things You May Not Know

1. I was born in Florida.

Gainesville, FL, to be precise. That does, in fact, mean that I cheer for the Gators. Both my parents went to the University of Florida so I kinda have to…

2. I have two fake teeth.

Yep, right in front. You know the two front teeth? Well, I am missing the two teeth on either side of those teeth. I went through a grueling dental process growing up and now have two Marilyn Bridges. Don’t ever get those, btw.

3. My dad is from Iran.

You know what that means? No….it does not mean that I am a terrorist. It means that I’m 1/2 Iranian! Unfortunately, I didn’t get any of the cool Iranian features (aka dark skin, piercing eyes, etc) I got my mom’s skin (she’s a redhead) so I burn really easily. I did get dark hair and dark eyes. Thank GOD I didn’t get the Iranian nose…seriously, go to Google right now and type in “Iranian noses” and see what I mean, I would look ridiculous!

4. I know how to knit.

My friend, Abby got me started and I fell in love soon after! For Christmas last year I made everyone in my office something knitted! It was the worst idea I’ve ever had.

5. I sleep with a blankie every night.

Mainly I now use it as a pillow. I started sleeping with Blankie before I can remember. My parents bought a “replacement” Blankie when I was in middle school because my original Blankie was falling apart. The only thing I remember thinking at that point was that my new Blankie wouldn’t know important things about my life…like the fact that…

6. I’m allergic to eggplant

My mom makes a Persian dish that has eggplant in it and, as a kid, anytime we had it for dinner I would get sick. I haven’t tried eggplant recently…I’m too nervous because I hate feeling tummy sick.

7. I get attached to people/things quickly.

I fall in love with both friends and boyfriends very quickly, get very attached, and put my trust in them. Which ultimately means I get hurt easily as well. That doesn’t stop me from loving, though!

8. I have a ridiculous sweet tooth.

Thanks, Mom! I could eat sweets anytime of the day. Literally any time. In fact, I think I’ll go have some ice cream. :-)

9. I used to play Magic: The Gathering

Until Will wouldn’t stop begging me to play every single second of every single day. I eventually didn’t want to play anymore because that’s all he talked about. It’s actually a lot of fun strategizing about what to win and what kind of deck to build in order to win. But Will took all the fun out of it ;-).

10. I’m really OCD.

I could only think of nine things that people didn’t know me…but I had to have ten. So, there’s my tenth one!

Until tomorrow, dear BFs!


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