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Big School Blues

I had my first “big school” experience yesterday.

Twice, actually. The first was when I heard that there was a School of Music gathering. Basically a meet-and-greet for the School of Music. Several people didn’t know about it though. That seems like a small piece of information that would be passed around. I guess it’s difficult because right now the School of Music is spread out over five different buildings on campus. But anyways, I didn’t know about it in time so I didn’t go. I hope nothing too important was said…

Second thing. Apparently loans were dispersed yesterday. So if you had a refund (like I did) then you received your money yesterday. That is…if you set up your “Refund Direct Deposit Profile”. Nobody told me that we had to do that. So I didn’t do it. AKA…I didn’t get my refund yesterday. And I’m not really sure how I’m going to get my refund now. I have an e-mail into Financial Aid. We shall see.

My question is this…how are you supposed to know what’s going on unless someone tells you? I know that I’m a big, bad graduate student and that nobody is going to hold my hand through the process. I care about and read information that is sent to me. That being said, I don’t have time to sit down everyday and peruse the entire UTK website, Blackboard, Online@UT, myUTK, AND UTK e-mail. If they want to spread information to a multitude of students it seems like they would just use one system. I don’t know. I’m still not entirely sure about where we were supposed to find out about the School of Music gathering.

The only reason I found out about the refund thing was from my friend on Facebook. His status read “Thanks to loan disbursement today, I went out and bought FOOD.” I thought “hmm…my bank account definitely did not see loan disbursement” so I went online to the online financial aid system, which is accessed through myUTK but its own separate site. There, I read in small print on the side of some random page I was on “You need to set up a refund profile” Awesome. You should probably tell people that at some point.

It’s like when I didn’t know I had a UTK e-mail address. The reason I didn’t know? They sent me my e-mail address and password…to my UTK e-mail address. The one that I didn’t know I had.

For future reference, that’s not the best way to let someone know what their e-mail address and password is. Just in case you didn’t catch my drift there.

On a positive note, I have now taken the bus several times to and from school and I have to say, I really like public transportation! The UT pass was only $50! I need to find a bus stop that is closer to my house because as of right now I am basically driving to the bus stop that is about five minutes away from my apartment, parking, and riding the bus to and from school. I always wonder how people without cars get to the bus stop. I guess they walk. That would suck. It’s exciting because I always thought that taking the bus would take more time. But it really doesn’t. Once you factor in driving time, time trying to find a parking space…

UT's parking situation

…and walking time from your parking spot to the classroom, it ends up being about the same. For my 9:05 class, I catch the 8:10 bus, arrive at school around 8:40 and am at the classroom by 8:45. So far so good with the whole bus-taking thing. I suggest it for anyone who has not tried public transportation. Also, some of the most entertaining moments of my day occur on the bus ride to and from school.

I like to people watch. Maybe I’ll accumulate bus-stories and tell them to you one day.

One day, my dear BFs.

Until tomorrow, BFs!


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