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Big School…Pinks?

I don’t know what the opposite of “blues” would be…opera?

I feel like since I told you a “bad” (mainly just confusing) experience about UTK that I should also share a good experience with you. So that you know that everything has not been terrible. In fact, for the most part, aside from general adjusting to the new schedule, I haven’t had an actual negative experience yet! I will say that coming from a small school, the transition to a larger institution is a lot different. Not necessarily different-bad, not different-good, just different. The graduate school is working with a huge number of students whereas at a smaller school, there aren’t as many students/situations to keep up with. There is definitely not as much “help” when you need it in the graduate school. (Within the individual programs, there is personal attention everywhere!) I feel that if I had gone to a large undergraduate institution I would’ve done really poorly because I needed that individual attention at that time to help me through college. That’s why there are so many different schools out there, though! There’s something for EVERYONE! Isn’t that some store’s slogan? Well…it works for colleges/universities, too.

While I do miss actually knowing what’s going on at times, I must say that there are a few things that I am enjoying! Among other things..the following are exciting parts (outside of my program) of attending a large institution…

1. The fact that there is an Einstein Bros Bagels on campus.

Among other food services on campus. I always got so excited when I had to travel for Maryville because more than likely there would be an Einstein Bros near my hotel. Little did I know there was one so close! I like.

2. Fitness classes.

Most of the people working out right now look like THIS though...

I have yet to partake in such activities because one student warned me about the first two weeks of school. Apparently everyone is SUPER motivated when they start school and then they’re like…yeah, no. So I’m waiting for the super motivation to wane. Then…Zumba here I come!

3. Walking

While I do not enjoy walking in the heat…I am enjoying the fact that when I walk from class to class it is somewhat of a workout. “Workout” I guess I should say. It’s more than what I was getting when I sat at a desk from 8-5 Monday-Friday.

All in all, it’s been a mostly pleasant experience. In the graduate program, since there are only eight choral conducting grads, I do get that “small school experience” while at a large institution.

Until tomorrow, dear BFs!


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