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I’m Not That “Young” Anymore…

I had an interesting experience today. I am singing with Church Street United Methodist’s church choir. They have several choirs there but I am singing with the adult choir and youth choir. This weekend is the annual Church Street Choir Retreat! Yeah!

First of all, this is the first of MANY choir retreats that will take place for me this year. But I digress…

My experience is this: I am no longer the youth…I am the chaperone


I’m not technically the chaperone because I’m a “scholarship singer” so I’m basically here to help out with the choir (helping the section sight-read, sing the right pitches, etc). But I’m also older than any of the youth here, obviously. The youth choir consists of students from 6th-12th grade. I remember going on different trips when I was younger and thinking how cool some of the older chaperones were and wishing that I could hang out with them and thinking it was cool when I made them laugh. Now I’m one of those chaperones. It’s definitely a strange feeling!

It’s also really neat to watch the different interactions: both musical and social. Students from all different musical backgrounds. I love it. At the beginning of the day, everyone was really shy around each other (even though most of them already KNOW each other) but by this evening everyone was laughing and hanging out like they have been friends for years. Which most of them have! I was talking to some of the girls who have been coming to this choir retreat every year since they were in sixth grade. That’s really cool to me. I guess since I grew up all over the country I think it’s really neat to be able to say “I’ve been coming here for six years” and the fact that they have been attending the retreat with the same people for six years…that’s an interesting feeling.

I think this year is going to be a lot of fun! They all seem like great kids! Yay for youth choirs!

Until tomorrow, dear BFs!



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