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I Keep My Promises

While perusing Facebook this evening (this is the first time I have even had a chance to sit, let alone peruse) I saw this on the side of my Facebook page…

“Your status on this day of 2010 was…

Emily Emadian
Dear Steve Jobs, I really appreciate all of Apple’s products but instead of spending all of your money trying to make the iPod touch exactly like the iPhone…why don’t you just put the iPhone on all cell phone carriers. I will buy one. I promise. Sincerely, Emily Emadian”

And now, a year later. Guess who has an iPhone.

This girl! (Please excuse the look of exhaustion that exudes from my face in this picture. And also take note of the love for my phone that exudes from my head. Both very important parts of this particular picture.)

So, in conclusion of this three page essay. I keep my promises. And I thought you should know that. It’s very important.

Also, I think you should know that as I was typing “in conclusion” I remembered that I have a paper that I have to write for tomorrow. So, instead of continuing on the “I keep my promises” topic, which I’m sure you got the gist of…I’m going to go write that.

I promise I’ll write more soon. Long weekend coming up!

Until tomorrow, fine BFs!


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