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Vespa! (Or not)

I want one. Bad. I’ve seen several on campus and I think they’re the cutest little things! You can park them pretty much anywhere. And since the parking situation at UT is so ridiculous, that’s a HUGE advantage.

As most of you know, I’ve been riding the bus to school most days. It’s actually a really pleasant experience most days. A typically bus-day would be like this…

8:00 – Arrive at the bus stop for the 8:10 bus
8:10-8:15 – Get on the bus :)
8:45 – Arrive at school and walk to class
8:50 – Arrive at class with minutes to spare (class usually starts at 9:05)

I usually spend all day at school and take the bus at X:22 or X:52. Whatever time I finish that day. It takes between 15-30 minutes to get back to the bus stop and then I hop in my car (there’s not a bus stop within walking distance to my house) and drive the 3 minutes home.

A typical non-bus day..aka driving day…

7:30 – Leave my house for school
7:45 – Arrive at school
7:50-8:40 – Drive around looking for a parking spot
8:45 – End up parking in the pay garage because I can’t find a spot and class is going to start soon
9:02 – Arrive at class

The bus, believe it or not, is cheaper ($50 a semester) and quicker! If I did end up getting a Vespa it would be a lot of fun! But I probably won’t. So let the bus stories begin :)

Until tomorrow, dear BFs!


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