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That Could’ve Gone Better

Last night I played a gig at Boomsday with Will, Michael, and Kevin. I’m still not entirely sure what we were playing for. It seemed to be in a VIP section of the Boomsday crowd but I’m still not sure what it was for. Anyways…

As most of you know, it rained on and off almost the entire day yesterday. We had to drop off our instruments in the morning because the people organizing the gig thought that it would be too difficult to get all of our stuff there and set up by 7:30 so Will took most of our stuff to Thompson Bowling Arena. The Boomsday people told him he could leave his stuff “there” and they pointed to an outside area near the side of the building. It wasn’t covered, there wasn’t a place to lock our equipment up…it was just out in the open. So he explained to the woman in charge that he had been told there would be a room where we could lock our equipment up. She was really confused since there was no such room. Eventually, the woman found a van for us to lock all of our stuff in.

Around 6:10, we left to go to the gig. Since they said that we needed to get there around 6:30 because of traffic. We got there right around 6:40 and went to get our stuff out of the van. It wasn’t really raining very hard at that time but they had set up two tents for us to set up under. Where the two tents came together there was a big gap so anytime a big rush of wind came or anytime someone accidentally hit the tent, a huge pool of water came down in between the two tents. The drummer set up under one of the tents and the rest of us (piano, bass, and vocals) set up under the other tent. We put all of our cases back into the van (except Will’s case) and went to get some food.

We started playing around 7:30 and eventually it started raining harder and harder. We took a small break around 8:15 and started playing again around 8:20. At this point, it’s raining pretty hard and I look over at my amp and it has water all over the top of it from the gap in between the two tents. So I flick as much of the water off of it as I can. We play two more tunes and finish around 8:40. By the time we’re done, it’s pouring down rain and none of us knows how we’re going to get all of our equipment to the cars. We ask if we can back up our cars to the tent and the lady says it’s too dangerous because there are too many people around (by the way, about 15 minutes later a huge fire truck comes through the “too many people.”) So at this point everyone starts to pack up as much as they can. Will goes to put his bass in his case and the entire bottom of his case is soaking wet. It has stopped raining a little bit so I tell Will to just go put his bass in the car as it is and we’ll worry about the case later. Everyone is trying to help the drummer take his drums to his car and a woman comes to pick up an umbrella which has been open upside down the entire gig and thus has been collecting water. She picks it up and turns it right side up…directly over my amp and soundboard. Yep! You’ve got it, folks…the water is now all over my PA system. Which, in reality, is exactly where I want it to go.

The piano player said his piano got a little wet but he thinks it would be okay. All of our Realbooks are pretty much ruined, my iPad got soaked because it was in my bag which was on the ground. Everything in Will’s bag is soaked.

The worst part about the whole thing is that one of the most exciting parts of the whole gig for me was the fireworks because I LOVE fireworks. And when the fireworks started, because of the rain, there was a huge cloud of smoke that refused to leave. It was just lingering around the fireworks so you couldn’t really even SEE the fireworks show. We ended up just leaving because it was overall pretty disappointing.

I don’t have the heart to see if my PA system still works…I’m too scared to try to turn it on… *sigh*

All in all, a terrible experience. If it hadn’t been raining, it would’ve been much more exciting. If we do it again next year, maybe it’ll be better…..

Until tomorrow, dear BFs.


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