Life Stuff


This was my dream…

I dreamt I was in graduate school. I know it’s a stretch, but go with me…

I was trying to go to a masterclass which was apparently taking place in the mall. It was a masterclass for violinists but apparently I really wanted to go because I thought that once you attended a masterclass, you became…that’s right…a master.

So I tried to go, but my professor, Dr Batey told me that I wasn’t allowed in the masterclass because I hadn’t completed the “Intro to Masterclasses” class. So she asked if I wanted to stay and I said “yes” of course…

So she takes me out to the middle of the mall to this station where there is a couch and a TV set up. It basically looks like a living room but set up in the middle of the mall. So I sit down and Dr Batey gets on her knees to start praying. I follow, of course, because I want to attend the masterclass and this is the way to do so. So we pray, I’m not sure about what, she does the whole cross starting from the forehead thing, stands up, and sits on the couch. She grabs the remote and…

…turns on the Royal Wedding.

One of the requirements of the class is to watch the Royal Wedding. The first thing I thought of is “I’ve managed to avoid it thus far…”

So we sit down to watch the Royal Wedding and all of a sudden these two girls sit down next to me. The girl to my immediate left starts holding my hand and crying uncontrollably because she thinks the Royal Wedding is so beautiful. So we finish watching the Royal Wedding…which ends when Kate puts on her tennis shoes and runs after Mr. Prince (that was his name in my dream). The end of their wedding was a 5K.

We head back to the room where the masterclass is and it’s just beginning because apparently if they have students who are interested in attending the masterclass but haven’t completed the intro, they have to wait. We get back and one of the violinists plays the Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber. But she only played four measures of it. The other violinist attempted to play the first four measures of Mahler’s Symphony No 1 in D Major…but he was trying to play all parts. On his tiny violin. And then when they finished…the masterclass was over. That was it. No questions. Nobody else played for them. All in all it took about 3 minutes. With two of those minutes being them tuning to the out of tune piano that was in the room.

Lesson learned….I won’t eat peanuts before I go to bed anymore….


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