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I have things and stuff to discuss today. Not really sure what to call these things and stuff. And I’m not really sure what to start with…the really disturbing or the really awesome. I guess I’ll start with the awesome because Hugh Laurie deserves it.

Random? Oh ye of little faith…

First of all, can we just take a minute to bask in the glory that is this man…

You actually need to watch that video twice in order for it to be a full minute of basking. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Well, awesome fact number one…Mr Laurie now has a CD out. It’s a blues CD and you should all go and buy it. You know how Starbucks has their “free such-and-such” of the week, well last week was a single off of his album. It’s actually not bad. And all I can think of the entire time I’m listening to him sing is him walking with his cane and being a complete ass to everyone he passes. But it’s totally okay because he’s got the blues!

Seriously, at least go buy ONE of the tunes off the record. It’s totally worth the image of House singing in your head.

*Sigh* I guess now that we’ve covered the awesome, we must now cover the disturbing. I don’t’ really know how to talk about this lightly because the way it was presented to me was not at all “lightly”. This morning when I got to school, I walked past signs that said “Warning! Pictures of Genocide Ahead!” When I walked past the first time, the main display was not set up. As I continued to walk past I realized that this huge display in the middle of campus was about abortion. It was an anti-abortion campaign. Now, before you say “Emily, really…let’s not get into this” please realize that my intent here is not to discuss whether abortion is right or wrong. My question is why do we need to have a huge display of pictures of aborted fetuses. And as if that isn’t bad enough, let’s put the pictures of aborted fetuses next to pictures of the Holocaust..

This whole campaign made me realize for the first time that the first amendment can be waaay abused. I’m not going to get into arguing one way or another about the issue at hand and I do realize the irony of my above “free speech” comment. Yes, I’m using my right to free speech at the moment. But I am not subjecting my readers/viewers to disturbing photos of aborted fetuses and the Holocaust and preaching the “right” way. I’m simply asking what is too much?

Another point that really bugs me is that these pro-life activists main claim that abortion is genocide. They are then suggesting that we are killing all fetuses. Period. Genocide is commonly defined as “the deliberate and systematic destruction ― in whole or in part ― of an ethnic, racial, religious or national group.” In this case, a fetus. That’s simply not true. Come on, let’s be honest, clearly people around the world every single day are havin’ babies!

And please explain to me what a picture of Jews being led into the gas chamber has to do with a women’s right (or lack thereof, as this campaign’s case may be) to choose. Regardless of your stance on this or any other controversial issue, you can’t simply use images that may be considered disturbing as propaganda to sell your “cause.” If you are going to preach, be an educated preacher. Don’t use words like “genocide” and disturbing pictures because you think it will attract attention and get your point across. It attracts attention. The wrong kind of attention – it makes you look stupid.

Obviously, I’m all for free speech and I strongly believe that people have the right to voice their opinions about subjects. Where do you draw the line? When is it not okay? If this isn’t close to the line, I don’t know what is. Plus at what point are you crossing the line into other people’s rights? I know, as far as I’m concerned, I could’ve gone the rest of my life without seeing those pictures and would’ve been perfectly fine. I feel violated as a person. But apparently that doesn’t matter because they got their point across, right?

One person in my class said it really well this morning. He walked into class and said “Man, the right to free speech really pissed me off today. What they don’t realize is that a miscarriage is considered an abortion. My wife and I lost a child earlier this year, do you think I want to be reminded of that as I walk across campus?”

How sad is that…

It’s frustrating. Really frustrating. I guess my lesson here is…there are always two sides to every story.

I feel like I need to end on a happy note…….

That kid on the right is CRACKIN’ ME UP!

Until tomorrow, dear BFs!


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