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Fall Break – Day 1

Ahh, it is here…the break of fall. It’s quite early which means that I’m going to be more than ready for my next break when it gets here…Thanksgiving.

For my fall break I decided that I wasn’t going to make any plans unless they were relaxing! I didn’t want to have to stress out about what I was doing and where I had to be and when I had to be there. So Wednesday night, when I got home from church, I made a kingdom. And for those of you who don’t know, a kingdom is where you take every pillow and blanket that you have in your house and put it in the living room floor. Then the next day, all you do is lay in the kingdom and watch TV and eat junk food and take naps. It’s fantastic. If you’ve never tried it…you need to try it!


Since it was so nice outside yesterday, I decided to take my hammock to the park with my friends. Around lunchtime, I rode my bike about two miles down the road to Long’s Drugstore. It’s like an old-fashioned drugstore/restaurant. I met Meagan and David and we had lunch. After we ate we went to the park and hung up our hammocks and talked for hours.

David and I sharing my hammock because he decided to "think" about buying a hammock. I'm pretty sure we convinced him to BUY the hammock!
David switching to Meagan's hammock. It's a good thing we were nice enough to share!

After we talked for forever we decided that it was time to get up and play frisbee! Frisbeee….

They're further away than they look....actually, no they're not. Too bad I didn't get a picture of when we were playing "T-Rex Frisbee" Oh yes. It happened.

After we played in the park for hours (even though it still wasn’t long enough) we decided to participate in Meagan’s weekly bike club. Meagan started a bike club a while ago and she has invited me almost every week but I usually have a lot of work to do or a gig to practice for. But since it was fall break, David and I decided to partake! Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of bike club…but we rode 7.7 miles! It is a bike club tradition to end at the Bearden Beer Market after the bike ride, so we rode into the Beer Market, had some beers, looked across the street and noticed that…THE TACO TRUCK was parked!!!

Of course, we had to go get tacos…

This is what happens when you wait for's a fairly normal picture, right?This is about five minutes into the taco-wait. Not so normal anymore...
Taco Truck. Kid Tested. Meagan Approved.

After we ate tacos, it was time to call it a night. A fantastic day and wonderful night!

I hope that you all have had a good Thursday (and Friday…)

Until tomorrow, fellow BFs!