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Fall Break – Day 2-4

I guess the “break” part of fall “break” was really only Thursday and Friday since we always get the weekends off. At least for the most part. Well actually not for the most part. Most of my weekends are fairly busy. Anyways, that’s just rambling and I don’t want to do that, do I?!

The Friday of Fall Break I went to work. Not much of a break there. I got a lot of stuff done, however. After I got home from work, I decided to go home and listen to some of the wedding music that I had to learn for Saturday. After listening to that music for a long time (way too long if you ask me…because any time spent listening to Hanson is too long…) David called to see if I wanted to go look at a couch with him. On the way there, Meagan called to see what I was doing. When she found out we were going to go look at couches for David she decided to come along! So there we were, all four of us (Will went with us, too), looking at couches in a furniture store. After looking at couches, Meagan decided that she was going to go camping in North Carolina and David, Will, and I decided that WE were going to go back to the Kingdom to eat pizza and watch a movie. We decided to watch “Everything Must Go” with Will Ferrell and “Bridesmaids” with Kristen Wiig. I did not particularly enjoy “Everything Must Go” — I got fairly bored during the middle of it. But I ended up putting my laundry away while Will and David finished watching it. So at least I was productive!

Bridesmaids = hilarious. If you haven’t seen it, you definitely need to rent it.

On Saturday, I had a wedding gig with Andrew LaKeys (not his real name, obviously, but since he plays the piano, I thought I’d roll with it!) I had so many tunes to learn for this thing…like…a ridiculous amount. I started learning them on Friday night. Not a good plan, Stan. In case you were wondering. I had to learn Hanson songs, and Avett Brother Songs, and The Cupid Shuffle. Which, if you don’t know the song, you don’t understand how ridiculous that is for me to be singing…here, listen to the first few seconds of it…

Oh yes.

We had to be at the gig at 12:00 for sound check and to rehearse since the band had never played together before Saturday. Surprisingly the gig was not that bad. The songs that we didn’t know, we faked really well. AND we didn’t have to play the Hanson song all the way through. Awesome.

Josh and Andrew getting ready for sound check. And when I say "getting ready" I just mean "standing around"

After the wedding gig, which was at a cheese farm in Sweetwater, TN, we had to rush back so that Andrew and Bowman could get to their 70s cover band gig. It was awesome! They played at Barley’s and were amazing. Next time you see Shiffty and the Headmasters playing somewhere, you should definitely go see them! I invited Meagan to join me after work and she invited David, so the three musketeers ride again!

You should know that it took forever to get this picture.

Sunday, is not really a “weekend” day for me since I do both the 8:30am service, the 11:00am service and have a 4:00pm rehearsal. So I don’t really count that day as being a “break” day. However, afterwards, I went over to David’s and we decided that we were going to go see a movie. We picked up Will and went to see 50/50. Also an excellent movie. I will review it in my post tomorrow. But really, go see it!

Unfortunately, it is now back to life, back to reality. And school. Today in one of my classes I realized how much I wished that fall break was longer. The answer is a lot.

Until tomorrow, dear BFs!


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