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As you know, I went to see 50/50 on Sunday evening after youth choir rehearsal at church. I will do my usual movie review for you!

50/50 is a movie with Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Seth plays Kyle, the best friend of Adam, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Adam is diagnosed with tumor located on his spine. The movie basically portrays this 27-year-old living with cancer. As you might have guessed, Adam has a 50/50 chance to live. I won’t give anything away but it’s a tear-jerker for sure. The good thing is that it’s also a very funny movie. Not a comedy, not a tragedy. In my opinion, this movie did an excellent job finding the balance between sad and hilarious.

Main Cast:
Adam: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Kyle: Seth Rogen
Katherine: Anna Hendrick

Directed by: Jonathan Levine (I have never seen anything he has written or directed but I guarantee you I will now!)

If you’re in the mood to see a good movie and are okay with crying a little bit, I would definitely check this movie out! The pacing of the movie is excellent, the cast is great, all in all, I can’t think of anything I would add or take away!


Until tomorrow, dear BFs!


1 thought on “50/50”

  1. It was written by Seth Rogan which I find very neat. Seth was on the Daily Show and talked about how this movie is actually the story of Seth and one of his friends who had cancer, and they wrote it together. Seth was amazed at the strength of his friend and felt like he was taking his friend’s cancer worse than his bud, and he thought it would make a good movie.

    Apparently it did! I miss you!

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