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Twenty Questions

I’ve been playing a game of twenty questions with my friend Andrew (hey, Andrew!) for … actually, it’s been several weeks now that I think about it. This has gone on too long. So, what I would like to do is figure out if any of YOU know what the answer to my game of twenty questions would be. I have three questions left and I don’t know what else to ask. Here’s what I have so far.

1. It is found inside
2. It is not living
3. It is not a piece of furniture
4. I come in contact with it on a daily basis
5. It is found in a typical home
6. It is not an appliance
7. I could carry it if I wanted to
8. It is not usually set on the floor
9. It would fit in Andrew’s pocket
10. It can be black but it is also fickle
11. It is not an electronic
12. There are probably multiple in my house
13. It is not safely edible (when I asked this question, he asked for clarification…so I asked “Would I be on the show ‘I Eat Weird Things’ if I ate this” and he said “yes”)
14. It is most likely found in the kitchen
15. However, it does not belong in the kitchen
16. It is not used mainly as a container
17. His parents do not put this on the dining room table and neither does he but he would imagine that many, if not most, would put it on the dining room table.
18. It may be made out of some sort of cloth-ish material — like maybe made with some sort of yarn. (When I asked this question he said “I guess that depends on what the owner of this object is going for”)
19.  Andrew often sets something on top of this thing. He says that he doesn’t own one but if he did he would guaranteed put stuff on top of it all the time.

I am so lost at this point in time. What do you guys think??

Until tomorrow, dear BFs!


7 thoughts on “Twenty Questions”

  1. The only thing I could think of was a towel, but #10 confuses me, and #17 kind of throws me off, because a towel doesn’t really belong on a table.

    Also, I almost used this theme when I created my blog.

    Lastly, YOU PUT A LINK TO MY BLOG!!! Yay! haha, even though there really isn’t anything worth reading there.

  2. Hmm. I thought it was a pen until #18. (People sometimes eat pens, I saw it on Tyra) THEN I thought it was a napkin or maybe a napkin holder. #10 is weird, though. Although, napkin holders are kind of fickle though, aren’t they? And that is the strangest thing to eat. As in, I think if you tried to eat a napkin or a napkin holder you would die.

  3. Most coasters are not cloth. Because it just soaks up the condensation. I would go with placemat, except I find a flaw in Andrew’s responses if it is a placemat.

    It belongs in the kitchen if you don’t have a dining room, and a lot of houses just have eat in kitchens and no dining rooms, so, for that alone, if you are wrong (Because that clue definitely can throw you off) you get to punch him, twenty times.

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