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You’ve Won A Lifetime Supply


If you’re a blogger you know that after you post, you get these “possible blog topics” afterwards. I guess so that if you don’t have anything to talk about, you can talk about whatever they want you to talk about. Well, usually I don’t really find the ones that I am given that interesting but today I thought this one was kinda cool. The question was “What would you want a lifetime supply of?” The first thing I thought of was chocolate, chocolate Haagen-Dazs bars.

Does this just scream "hello, I'm delicious!"

But then I started to think more seriously about it. If it were a lifetime supply of something that would mean, obviously, that I would never have to buy it ever again. Can I be really general and say “I want a lifetime supply of clothes” and then any item of clothing that I get from here on out is free?

My kinda closet!

Or does it have to be really specific? Right now, I would like a lifetime supply of gasoline for my car. But the thing about that is…what happens when we don’t use gasoline anymore? Then my “lifetime supply” wouldn’t really matter anymore. So does that mean I have to choose a commodity that I think would be around for the rest of my life? Ugh…think about that for a second.

Good. Now help me figure this out. There are so many things that can prohibit you from figuring out what you should choose! Seriously, name something.

*Seven children’s voices come from out of nowhere*


You would have to build yourself a cheese cellar. And this is what it would look like. Can you imagine eating this much cheese? That's disgusting.


See what I did there? You’ve watched Blues Clues or Dora the Explorer or any other child’s show, right? All of a sudden the characters on the show ask a question and these children from nowhere start answering. It’s so creepy…but I digress…

You wouldn’t want a lifetime supply of cheese because eventually you’d get sick of having so much cheese in your house. Plus, it’s not really THAT useful. Also, depending on how specific we have to be, you may have to pick a specific TYPE of cheese. And then you’d really get sick of eating the same kind of cheese, just because you have it.

Name something else…


Okay, I can see that…you’ll forever and always use a calendar of some sort. At least I will because I’m OCD like that. But how much is that saving you, $12 per year at most depending on what kind of calendar you buy. I feel like I could do better than that. Yeah, over a number of years that’s a lot of money…but still not really worth it.

You see? I have a really hard time choosing what I would want a lifetime supply of. Maybe you wouldn’t have this much trouble. I tend to make things difficult at all times. Apparently that’s my lot in life. It’s not a lot, but it’s a life! You know what I have a lifetime supply of? Difficult.

Eh, I put myself through it…it’s nobody else’s fault!

What would you want a lifetime supply of?

Until tomorrow, dear BFs!


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