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Long Time No Blog

I know. I’ve been a terrible blogger. But listen, I promise I still love you and I promise I’m not abandoning you! So much has happened since we last spoke.

A. I won 20 Questions – the answer was “coasters”
B. I had a joint concert with my church choir (Church Street United Methodist) and the UT Concert Choir – it was actually last night, so you didn’t miss too much there.
C. Homecoming 2011 at Maryville College took place. Tons of fun. CD release party for the MC Concert Choir. They did a great job! Bagpipes! Random strings of sentences put together. Yay!

Gotta love those bagpipes!
Will and I at Homecoming 2011!

D. This happened.

E. My dad carved a really cool pumpkin and sent it to me in a PICTURE MESSAGE (<– a big step for my dad.)

F. The group I’m co-directing took a picture (<– also a big step since we only got … six hours notice.)

reVOLution 2011 girls :)

I’m sure your lives have been busy. I saw a movie recently so I’ll post my review of “The Guard” soon! Get ready.

Until next time, fellow BFs!

OH! PS – you should check out the new blog link that I posted. Her blog isn’t up and running quite yet but it will be soon! She’s one of my friends from Chamber Singers and she actually wrote a children’s book! She’s SUPER cool and she drew a really cool picture of me which you can see on my Facebook page if you’re friends with me! So you should follow her blog, too, because her blog will have drawings. And that’s fun stuff.


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