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Things I Find Funny – Episode 1

Here are two funny things. Or maybe they’re not funny. Maybe they should be called “Things that I’ve found funny in the past couple of days.”

1. Facebook is used as a form of punishment now. Two different ways this punishment can be achieved…see the following list!

  • 1a. You can be punished by having Facebook taken away from you. i.e. you do something that’s against the rules and your parents take Facebook away for a week. Ridiculous.
  • 1b. Someone can “punish” you by blocking you from their page. Hilarious.
I get why 1a is necessary but if you think about that for a second it’s really sad. When I was little my mom would take away toys, or play dates, or privileges. Apparently now Facebook is the equivalent of a play date. Not okay.
1b, however, is insanity (and immature)! Why do people feel like blocking you from their page is punishment? If you have to block someone from your page chances are two things. LIST!
  • 1b1. They didn’t want to see your stuff anyways.
  • 1b2. They are stalking you and at that point blocking them is totally justifiable punishment.
2. The way people think.
As I was growing up my dad always taught me to think “logically”. Most of the time my mind goes through this whole “If a than b” thing before I come to a decision about something. And it works for me. But then I remember that some people do NOT think that way and that they think it’s okay to willy-nilly around. For the most part, that’s true. But let me give you an example. Let’s say you have a gig. And let’s say the gig is a last-minute gig. So you call people who you know trying to fill said gig. And let’s say that you got in touch with a guitar player who already had plans that night but he says that he’ll call to reschedule his plans so that he can do said gig. He says that he will call you right back with a yes or no. Would you…
My answer would be B. But maybe I don’t think like the rest of the world. We’ll see, I suppose.
This has been the first episode of  “Things that I have found funny in the past couple of days.” Stay tuned for the next episode. Although, there may never be another one.
Until next time, fellow BFs!

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