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Weekend Wrap-up

I love the fall. I always forget how much I love the fall until it rolls around again. I had such a great weekend! Let’s blog!

On Friday night, Andrew and I had a gig at Bella Luna that went really well! Although, getting to the gig was complete heck. I didn’t realize that “First Friday” in Knoxville was a big deal so I left my house at 7:00pm in order to get to the restaurant at 7:15pm (at the latest) and arrived at the restaurant at 7:40pm. Not a lot of time to set up and go park for a gig that starts at 8:00pm…right? Wrong! I got it done!!! The gig went really well and if you missed it, you probably missed the performance of a lifetime. It’s okay…don’t feel too bad about yourself.

On Saturday morning I woke up and CLEANED MY HOUSE! Which, was fantastic. I love the clean-house feeling.

Solstice being a sun cat on nice, clean floors!

Will and I hung out around my house afterwards and watched some of our TV shows that we enjoy and around 2:00pm one of my friends, Ben, came over to hang out because apparently it’s a good idea to do construction on a roof while people are hanging around their house all day long. At 3:00pm, Andrew came over to get ready for our second gig of the weekend — a retirement home in Crossville. We played through a couple of things, got in the car and drove to Crossville.

I have done it! I've accomplished my goal of being on a retirement community's event board. Be jealous.

Afterward we went to Aubrey’s for dinner. During our dinner discussion SOMEHOW we ended up talking about “We’re Back! A Dinosaur’s Story.” Which…if you haven’t seen…you need to!

Sunday was a typical Sunday…rehearsal, church, breakfast, rehearsal, church, lunch break, rehearsal. BUT THEN! After church rehearsal, I went to campus for Hunter’s (one of my drummer friends) recital. Will was also playing on this recital. SO good!!!

After the recital, David had a bunch of us over to his house for a fire pit/cookout. Hence the reason I love fall so much! I love sitting around a fire and talking about random things. David was such a good host! First of all, he made these grilled bacon-wrapped jalapeños with cream cheese. Delicious! Will unwrapped the bacon and ate the bacon so I could have the jalapeño with cream cheese. After the jalapeños, he cooked turkey burgers, meat burgers, and hotdogs! After we ate, we all sat around the fire and talked ( <– you should know that those are my favorite types of conversations.)

I hope you all had as good of a weekend as I did! Unfortunately now it’s back to school/work/real life. And this week is a BUSY one….wish me luck.

Until next time, fellow BFs!


1 thought on “Weekend Wrap-up”

  1. I love We’re Back!

    I like the part where Woog says “LUNCH” really strange. I quote that to this day, but I don’t think most people get the reference.


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