Musical Experiences

What I’m Listening To Right Now

I’ve decided that over Christmas break, I’m going to listen to things I want to listen to because I CAN.

My friend David told me about The Alabama Shakes the other day and I have been completely addicted since. This is the first video I saw of them performing. Brittany Howard, the lead singer, KILLS this song. You can just see how much she loves performing and singing.There’s so much emotion behind her singing. If you have any people who you haven’t bought Christmas presents for…download their album and give them the gift of the Alabama Shakes!

Jenny Owens Young is another singer I’m into right now. Her song “F*ck was I” was in an episode of Weeds and I downloaded it before the episode was over. Yes, it has a bad word in it…sorry for the profanity. But you should listen to the lyrics…they’re great.

Last but not least. Beyonce. Come on, girl! Get. It! This song modulates four times. But she kills every single modulation. This is obviously a guilty pleasure. But you can enjoy as well.

In other news, Andrew and I are going to record a Christmas CD and it will be out shortly. You can get pretty excited about that because there’s nothing better than Christmas music. Except for everything else in the world. But still. Get stoked. I’ll put some samples up here soon.

Until tomorrow, fellow BFs!


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