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Christmas Presents and Songs!

I love getting to come home for a visit. This is the longest visit in a long time. The last time I came home and stayed for a while was….a year ago Thanksgiving. I’m staying at my parents house for a week and a half!!! How wonderful is that!? My parents and brother and sister came up on Christmas Eve to see me perform at Church Street for the Christmas Eve services. It was really nice of them to drive all that way for the services! The church was beautiful as were the services and I think they had a really great time.

Diana, Mom, Me, and Elliot standing outside of Church Street United Methodist

Here are a couple of recordings from the service.

On Christmas Day, we drove back to Tullahoma, TN, made dinner (CHICKEN CURRANT RICE!!), and opened presents.

Well, this Christmas I definitely walked away with some great things. I hope all of you are as blessed as I am! Here’s a couple of pictures of what I walked away with…

Logic Express - recording software for Macs!
A Blue Yeti microphone to record vocals, instrumentals, and whatever else you want to record!
Mom and Dad cooking Christmas dinner!
Yummy Chicken Currant Rice

On Monday, we went down to Huntsville, AL to visit my parents’ college friends. We also stopped at a mall and did a little day-after-Christmas shopping. Tuesday we hung around the house while I installed Logic and started messing around with it. My brother also took me to Rue 21…and let’s just say that I went in for brown leggings and came out $300 short and no brown leggings. WHAT A STORE! I love it. I’ll never go back though…

Today we’re just hanging out at the office and working on school stuff…I guess I have to keep reality in mind. I have responsibilities. Unfortunately.

Tomorrow I’ll post some demos of the Christmas CD that Andrew and I made!

Until tomorrow, fellow BFs!


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