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Summer Has Begun

That’s really an understatement. When I say “summer has begun” I mean, I am taking full advantage of this summer. I’m so excited about this upcoming summer for multiple reasons.

1. Boone

Look how adorable he is!

I’m so excited that I get to spend the majority of my summer with my second favorite B! (Obviously, my first favorite B is Little Solstice Bolstice. And Boone knows he’s a close second).

2. I’m not working full-time…which means that I don’t have to sit at my desk, looking out the window, and staring longingly into the joy that is the outdoors.

3. I’m going to Canada and Ireland! The youth choir at Church Street is going on their annual choir tour to Canada and on the way there and back we’re going to make stops at Cedar Pointe and New York! What, what?!

This summer is going to be most exciting. And it’s already off to a great start. Last week, Boone and I ventured off into the land of North Carolina. We went out to Charlotte to see Ingrid Michaelson in concert. She’s become one of my favorite artists over the past school year. reVOLution even did a couple of her songs as a cappella works! She was phenomenal. We got to Charlotte around 5 pm and ate at Phat Burrito, a local burrito place next to the concert venue.

It was a very entertaining restaurant. And the food was delicious. After we ate, we drove a couple of blocks down to park the car and noticed that even though the doors didn’t open until 8:00pm, and that even though it wasn’t quite 7:00pm yet, there were already people lined up at the doors. So we decided to park and stand in line with everyone. Probably the most exciting thing that happened when we were waiting in line was the car accident that occurred. Some guy wasn’t paying attention and rammed into the line of cars that was stopped at a red light. Dumb…but awesome for those of us standing in line…we had some entertainment before the show. Everyone in the accident was fine…nobody was injured.

Boone and I before the concert!

The concert, like I said, was awesome. Ingrid did a fantastic job! I fell in love with her more as a performer!

The next day, Boone and I drove back through Knoxville, picked up our bikes, and drove to Tullahoma. We decided to spend the rest of the week with my family since it was my dad’s birthday, Elliot’s dance recital, and Mother’s Day all rolled into one weekend. And what a jam-packed weekend it was! We arrived Wednesday night and spent Thursday running errands around town. I also took Boone on a bike ride around Tullahoma.

Friday was my dad’s birthday. Boone and I got my dad a Lamborghini. You can be jealous. So we decided to decorate his garage and park the car there so that when he got home from work he would have the surprise of his life.

We had to make sure that dad didn’t drive into the garage and wreck his new Lamborghini. So we made a caution sign just in case. Needless to say, it actually didn’t help. Dad almost drove into the garage anyway…
What the garage looked like when we were done decorating.
Dad’s new Lamborghini. He was definitely surprised. As he should be…check that thing out…

While Boone and I were waiting for my dad to come home, we decided to go on a 4-wheeler adventure. At first, I drove…and I was much more careful than Boone was. Boone wanted to be adventurous. So I let him drive. I still have a bruise on my butt from when he first tried to take of. He said “wow, this thing has more power than I thought it did” as I picked myself up off the concrete and got back on the ATV…

Good thing we were wearing our helmets…

Oh yeah…and we saw this…

Only in Tullahoma…

On Saturday morning, before my brother’s dance recital, we went on a 12 mile bike ride. Dad, Elliot, Boone, and I all rode the Shelbyville bypass. It’s a new road that bypasses Shelbyville (I know…) and it was an excellent ride! I will definitely do it again!

My next blog post will be about how awesome my brother is. But you’ll have to wait for that one. And then I’ll tell you about my canoeing adventures. Get ready, blog followers, my blogging is back!

Until next time, fellow BFs!


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