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You Say Canada, I Say Canadia – Days 1 and 2

Last week, I went on my first international trip of the summer. I joined the Church Street United Methodist Parish Youth Choir on their annual choir tour. Our destination this year…Toronto, Canada!

2012 Youth Choir members at Cedar Point

The trip began on Saturday, June 2. We left bright and early Saturday morning and drove to Ohio. We stopped and had lunch in Kentucky at one of the nicest rest areas I’ve ever seen. In fact, now that I think about it, all of the rest areas that we stopped at were unusually nice. I found this wonderful cassette tape at the rest stop and thought that more people would enjoy “Everyone’s Favorite Girlfriend”

After lunch, we continued to drive and drive and drive until we reached…

I had never eaten at a golden corral before. And let me just tell you. I had an awesome experience. There was a chocolate fountain. Need I say more? I know I don’t need to say more. But I’m going to say more because there was also a bowl full of gummy bears. And I’m pretty sure I told everyone in the restaurant that it existed and that they should stay away from it because it was mine. I also had a wonderful salad and some baby shrimp. With cocktail sauce, of course. After our dinner experience at the golden corral, we left and got to our hotel. We stayed at Baymont Inn and Suites for two nights in Toledo, Ohio.

The next day we woke up and sung a mass at Our Lady, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Cathedral in Toledo, Ohio. It was a gorgeous church with phenomenal acoustics.

After the service, we ate lunch (hot dogs, potato salad, carrots, and cookies — which becomes relevant later) and headed to CEDAR POINT. I have to say that the trip to Cedar Point might’ve been one of the highlights of my trip. I definitely turned into a 10-year-old the second we pulled into the parking lot. There were coasters galore! I was in heaven. As were most of the kids on the trip!!!

Millennium Force – voted the number one roller coaster in the world. It exceeds 300 feet in height and is the second longest roller coaster in North America.
Maverick – My favorite roller coaster. The first drop is at a 95 degree angle, it travels at speeds up to 70 miles an hour, and has two launch sites. Awesome.

We pretty much spent the remainder of the day at Cedar Point. We took a break for dinner right outside the park along Lake Erie. Guess what we had? Hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, beans, and Pepsi. Twice in one day! I’m sure the kids were in heaven!

We spent the night at Baymont Inn and Suites again and woke up the next morning headed to Toronto!

To be continued, my dear BFs!


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