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You Say Canada, I Say Canadia – Day 3

Our trip to Canada continues! On Monday, we drove and drove and drove to Toronto, Ontario. Prior to crossing the border there was a massive “turn off your data on your cell phone” spree and everyone was making calls, looking up YouTube videos, and checking Facebook one last time.

It was a very muggy day.

Crossing the border into Canada was surprisingly easy. Everybody had their passports in hand and we were prepared for a huge ordeal. But the federal agent came onto the bus, asked the bus driver, Jeff, a couple of questions and wished us a safe trip. I think the kids were a little disappointed that nothing else happened. But Jeff reassured everyone that crossing the border back into the United States would be more exciting.

We checked into our dorms at Ryerson University and had a few minutes to sit and relax before we met to walk to dinner. The dorms were really nice. But the beds were SUPER uncomfortable.

My dorm room – everyone got their own dorm. That was a really nice surprise!
The view from my dorm room in Toronto.

We were supposed to have dinner at the Eaton Centre Urban Eatery but since there was a shooting there on Saturday, the food court was closed. After dinner, we went to our first concert at Delmanor Wynford Senior Community center. It was a great concert. The youth choir continued to amaze me with each passing day and each concert! They were troopers! After our concert, we went back to the dorms and had some more free time. I heard the kids in the lounge two floors below me singing “Ring of Fire” and a Beatles song I don’t remember. While they had a jam session, I had my first Skype date with Boone! I have to say, Skype is an AWESOME invention. It makes you feel not so far away from your loved ones!

The view from my dorm room at night. A perfect view of downtown Toronto.

Coming up – Stratford, Ontario (aka Beiberville) and You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown.

Until next time, fellow BFs!


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