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You Say Canada, I Say Canadia – Days 4 and 5

I had never heard of Stratford, Ontario. But almost every single teenage girl knew exactly where it was. And who came from there. Guess who? Justin Bieber. Apparently, Justin Bieber is from Stratford. And all the girls thought they would catch a glimpse of him. Or someone he knew. So they all freaked out. All day long.

Besides the teenage girl phenomena happening all day, Stratford is a gorgeous little town!

Stratford, Ontario

We had an easy morning and a leisurely drive to Stratford. We got to have lunch on our own and Ben, Alex, Michael and I decided to hit up Molly Bloom’s Irish Pub.

Alex and I at Molly Bloom’s. We did not partake in the beer drinking.
Ben, however, did partake. And enjoyed.

After lunch, we walked around Stratford for a little while and then went to the Avon Theatre to see You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown. I had never heard of the musical before, so I was excited to see what it was all about! It was a very cute show. I didn’t particularly enjoy Charlie Brown himself, but the other characters, especially Snoopy, were AWESOME.

After the show, we ate at Once Upon a Sandwich at a park in Stratford. Then we went to our second concert at Royal Palisade Senior Community Center. A great concert, as usual! We didn’t get back to the dorms until around 11:00pm. And we had an early/jam-packed day the following day, so everyone pretty much went upstairs and went to bed. At least that’s what I did.

The next day, we started out the morning at Rekai Centre Nursing Home. This nursing home housed seniors that needed more medical care than the first two retirement communities. I think one of the more touching moments on tour happened at this concert. There was an elderly Asian women sitting in her wheelchair in the front row and when the first song begun, she lifted her hands slightly and started to conduct. She was right on tempo. As the concert progressed, she became more and more expressive, with a widening gesture. At the end of the concert, Pastor Sarah went up and spoke to her. Apparently, Sarah asked her if she was a musician. The lady gave Sarah the blank stare of dementia and shook her head no. The care giver turned to Sarah and told her that the elderly lady was first chair violinist for the Toronto Symphony for 50 years. It was incredible to watch music take hold of her body. Even though she didn’t remember that she was even a musician.

After the concert, we headed over to Hard Rock Cafe for lunch! I always enjoy going to Hard Rock Cafes when I travel. I’m not entirely sure why.

After lunch, we left to see the stage production of War Horse. 

An illegal picture taken at War Horse.

I realized while we were sitting at lunch that I had never seen a play before. I’ve been to musicals but had never seen a play. This was a great way to break that shell! The puppeteering was phenomenal. I can’t explain how they constructed the horse but it took three people to control it. The plot to the story was somewhat predictable so that was a little disappointing. And the seats in the Princess of Wales Theatre were terrible. I don’t typically feel claustrophobic but I was so close to the people sitting next to me and the people in front of me that I was definitely uncomfortable the entire performance. Plus, a downside to a matinée showing is that there are usually a TON of kids at them. That was definitely the case here.

After the show, we went to dinner at the Eaton Centre Urban Eatery. Thankfully, the food court had opened back up! Then we had another concert at a nursing home.

As if the day wasn’t already full enough…we then went to the CN Tower!

I had been to the CN Tower before but I was pretty young and don’t remember much. It was an incredible view! Most of the kids really enjoyed it. It was interesting to see the kids who LOVED roller coasters, but hated being that far up in the sky! I’ve decided that I WILL do the EdgeWalk someday.

After the CN Tower, we headed back to our dorms and our “Tempurpedic mattresses”.

Coming up – Niagara Falls and the Maid of the Mist!

Until next time, fellow BFs!


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