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Last Weekend of Summer

Well friends, it has arrived. My last weekend of summer has officially come and gone. I think I did a good job of living it out to its fullest. I feel this way mainly because I’m still exhausted from it. Granted, it’s a Monday and I always feel pretty gross on Monday. But who doesn’t? I can’t say that I’m ready to go back to school because I don’t feel like I am. I’m ready to…get back into a routine. I figure once that routine sinks in, I’ll be glad school is back in session.

Friday was a good day. I spent most of the morning picking up around the house since Boone was at work until 11:30am. When he got done, he came over and we took a trip to the Goodwill to donate some of the clothes I have gotten rid of (starting to check “Get Rid of Half My Clothes” off of my list). I didn’t really want to look around because I wasn’t in the mood to shop so we left and went to Young Williams — an animal shelter in town. I dropped off a 20 pound bag of dog food as a donation to the little puppies! That felt pretty good. Plus I got to look around and see all the adorable little doggies.

On Thursday, I went to Church Street to help with some music library work and Tim gave me a bunch of sheet music to take to McKay’s so that was our next stop. We took three huge tubs of sheet music to them to see what we could get for it. It took about an hour for them to go through it and after they went through everything the lady at the desk told me they could only take two of each copy and the rest had to be placed in the “free” bin. So I said okay and she told me that I got $27.00 in trade! Not bad for sheet music that was given to me for free!

Trade credit is awesome!

After we left McKay’s, Boone wasn’t feeling well so we went back to my place. While he took a nap, I worked on my Belfast blog post and did some research into graduate programs. When he woke up, we went and had dinner with his parents at Mr Gatti’s — my first Mr Gatti’s experience. I decided that I needed to get some rest since we were driving to Atlanta the next day to see JASON MRAZ! So bedtime for Bonzo it was.

Saturday morning, Boone and I drove down to Chattanooga and met my mom, brother, and sister. My brother’s 17th birthday was Wednesday so I definitely wanted to see him and say “Happy Birthday” in person! We met at the mall, had lunch, and walked around for a little while. I gave Elliot his card and it was awesome because the front of the card said “Only the most perfect, awesome, amazing, etc… brother can open this card” but the card didn’t open at all. And on the back it said “I can’t believe you tried to open it!” And he did try to open it! How silly of him. So great. I also discovered the most amazing and awesome store I’ve ever had the pleasure of being in. It was called Earthbound Trading Company. I’d never heard of it before and they were having a buy one get one free on any clearance item. So I bought a huge canvas of an old tv, a mosaic candle holder, a jewelry box with a peace sign on it, and two rings for $50. Seriously, if you can find a store near you…go check it out.

Boone modeling a mustache in Earthbound Trading Co

Around 4:00pm, we left Chattanooga and headed toward Atlanta. We hit a huge rain storm on the way down there and I was really nervous that our seats were going to be outside since it was at Aaron’s Amphitheater. I had never been to an outdoor concert so I wasn’t sure what the set-up was going to be.  Luckily there was a covered portion because this is what it looked like from my car…


The rain slowed and we went to stand in line. Once we got inside, we got a hotdog, pizza, and nachos for $30. Such delicious concert food…

Christina Perri opened for Jason Mraz and she was okay I guess. I wasn’t a huge fan. I had only heard her hit “Jar of Hearts” so I wasn’t sure what to expect. She reminded me of Avril Lavigne a little bit. All of her songs sounded very similar to me, they had the same chord progressions, the same belt-y bridge, the same electric guitar solo, etc. It was okay and she has a killer voice. But she was definitely not the reason I was there. It was weird to be there and see so many empty seats. When she was done, they tore down her set, put up Jason’s set, and by the time he started, the entire place was packed — the seats and the lawn were full.

Jason Mraz!

Their website says Aaron’s seats 19,000. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were at least 17,000 there. And there were times when it seemed like every single person was singing along to his songs. How awesome would that be? To hear a song you wrote be sung by 17,000 people!

The crowd!

The concert was freaking ridiculous. Amazing. Awesome. Phenomenal. And every other adjective I won’t bore you with. I love Jason Mraz. He’s such a great performer and a great musician. And he has an amazingly talented band! The concert ended around 10:45pm and we didn’t get out of the parking lot and onto the highway until about 11:45pm. The drive home wasn’t terrible. Although, we did get stuck in a storm again and at times you couldn’t see the lines on the interstate. But we made it back to Knoxville safely at around 3:00am.

Sunday morning I had to get up early for church. The scholarship singers were singing two anthems, an introit, choral response, and benediction at the 8:30am service so we had to get there at 7:55am to rehearse. It was a very early morning seeing as I didn’t go to bed until around 3:30am. The service went really well and I love singing with the scholarship singers quartet. Boone came to hear the service which was awesome since he didn’t get any sleep either. He’s a good boyfriend! After the service, we had breakfast at Panera. Boone left and I headed back to Church Street for the second service. After the second service, I got to start my job as the music intern! We had our first children’s choir rehearsal right after lunch. It was such a great experience and so wonderful to see all those little kids (first grade-fifth grade) singing and reading music! I can’t wait to work with them for the rest of the year!

Classes start Wednesday…I think I did my best livin’ it up this weekend.

Until next time, fellow BFs!



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