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Solstice Invests in Property – The Rustic Cat Nest

Most of you who are even slightly familiar with who I am, know that I have recently been converted into a cat person. When I say “recently” I mean…it’s been over the past two and a half years…so I guess that’s a relative term. When I adopted Solstice, I was mainly giving in to my boyfriend-at-the-time’s request for a cat. Little did I know that I would soon fall head over heels for the cute little booger.


So since Christmas was around the corner, I decided to do some pinteresearch (Pinterest research) on some presents for Solstice and I found this adorable little cat bed made out of pallet wood.


Pretty cute, right? So after a quick discussion with her regarding the benefits and downfalls of investing in property at this time, at the brink of a fiscal cliff, she decided to proceed. We found a bank that would give her 100% down and 0% interest so that we could buy the materials and we (Boone and I) headed down to Tullahoma to my dad’s wood working shop to start on the project.


Once we started, we realized pretty quickly that it was going to take a couple of days because we used wood glue and that had to dry. So we finished putting the two sides together and the front and by that time it was dark and cold so we saved the best for last.


The next day we continued the building process with my dad and Elliot’s help.

It didn’t take long since the wood glue dried overnight so we drilled holes into the wood and screwed the pieces together and …




One a really hilarious note, my dad decided to call it the “Rustic Cat Nest” and he wanted it to look as rustic as possible so he told me to make sure that any aged wood was facing out and any writing faced out, etc. So on the front of the bed, there was some writing that I wanted to face outward. I didn’t realize what the writing said until after I had put it all together…


For those of you who are still having trouble with what that says…


I think I about died when I read that. I laughed. I’m still laughing. I hope you are too. For those of you who don’t know why that is so funny…simply type “Soon Memes” into your local search engine and enjoy the hours of entertainment I have provided you with.

Back to the rustic cat nest…it’s not quite finished yet because my mom is going to sew a pillow together that fits perfectly inside the nest but believe me…once it’s done, I’ll post an update with pictures of Solstice enjoying her investment.

Until next time, fellow BFs!


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