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Checking Things Off My List

Everyone knows that the holidays are a busy time of the year. A time for travel, and food, and sharing, and love.

And stress.

The good kind of stress. The kind of stress that you have to remind yourself is caused by having too many people love you and want to spend time with you. So as you make your trips around to different family members, friends, and business get-togethers, if you’re like me, you have a love/hate relationship with the weeks from Thanksgiving to New Years. I love that I get to spend time with so many people I love but I hate that I usually spend Christmas “break” just as busy as my normal schedule. Granted, it’s a different kind of busy and it’s all technically “me time”. But at the end of said “break”, I feel like I need a break from break.

I do count my blessings, mind you. I am very grateful that I am still in school and still get a break at all. I’m very glad for that fact. And this year was an exception for other years. While it seemed to be just as busy, it also seemed more relaxing. Especially the last week or so. Boone and I have had a very productive couple of days. It started on January 1st. We completed a 3D puzzle of the Notre Dame Cathedral. That doesn’t sound like a productive task for most but it’s on my list of 25 Things To Do Before 26 so for me, it’s productive!


We decided to also go through my closet to cross another thing off my list — to get rid of half of my clothes.


This is a before and after of one side of my closet. I don’t think it looks like I did much…but you have to realize that I’ve completely emptied out three out of five of my drawers in my dresser.


This is the other side of my closet. Look how many empty hangers are in the back! Ultimately, we ended up taking 23 bags of stuff to the Goodwill!

Now that I have so many T-shirts that I’m no longer wearing and that are not in my drawer, I can also start on another thing on my list — making my second T-shirt blanket!


So many T-shirts! (and jeans … But that’s another story…) Anyway, Boone and I spent Friday evening cutting our T-shirts up while watching Psych. Saturday morning we started putting all the shirts into the quilt. By the end of the night…we had the biggest T-shirt ever! It’s 140inx72in!


The best part of the whole day? This…


Isn’t he adorable?

I’ll post pictures of the final product soon! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening, friends!

Until next time, fellow BFs!


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