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Confessions (Part 1)

I’ve been feeling a little guilty recently because I haven’t been telling the whole truth. I’ve been lying by omission. So I’m here to come clean.


I have never seen Les Miserables.

Not the musical. Not the movie. Not the other movie. Or the anniversary version of the musical. I’ve actually never even listened to the music of Les Mis. Any music that I’ve heard from Les Mis has been a mere happenstance from being around musicians that have been exposed to this musical.


I don’t know what it’s about and I’ve never asked for fear of rejection. Because among the musical community, 99.9% of musicians (and I mean pretty much every musician…not just the ones who love musicals) are in love with this musical/story.

Well, tonight that is all about to change. My life will change tonight, your life will change tonight. Boone’s life will change tonight. (I should also mention that he has never seen Les Mis either.)

So for all of my friends from which I have omitted the truth…


And if you’re wondering why this post is labeled as “Part 1” … It’s because I felt more like a rock star. That’s the only reason. Like it’s the title of my second album, after a bout with the wrong kind of drugs. Or people. Like my first album was all innocent and all in major keys and then I did a Kelly Clarkson and completely flipped my tish and released who I really am the second time around!

Anyways…the movie is about to start and I don’t want to be one of those b-holes who uses their phones during the previews.

Until next time, fellow BFs!

**Update 1.13.2013 – I was disappointed in the movie. The cinematic portion of the movie was really great! And it’s an awesome story. But I was really disappointed by all of the vocals. Except for Anne Hathaway. I think she did a great job. My biggest problem with the movie was that since I didn’t have an understanding of what the movie was about, who the characters were, and how their relationships are affected by the others in the musical, I didn’t feel much of a connection with the characters. So while they were clearly suffering in the movie, I wasn’t suffering along with them. And I think that part of the reason I didn’t suffer with them is because, although the acting was phenomenal (for the most part) the vocals were lacking. In a lot of ways. I really hated Russell Crowe’s voice throughout the whole thing. I didn’t really like Hugh Jackman’s voice. Especially on “Bring Him Home” (which is one of the only songs I knew prior to watching it).

I discussed my opinions with several die-hard fans of the show and they have all suggested that I watch the stage production. So…I googled and youtubed. (Both verbs) and I have to say…

I listened to the Finale of the 10th anniversary version of Les Mis and I have to say…holy crap. Also, the encore of the 25th anniversary is…indescribable. When Ramin Karimloo sings “freedom” I about died. I listened to that part of the video around 50 times. I would love to give you a link to this part but it’s been yanked off of youtube. I literally watched it last night and it’s not there anymore. So sorry about that…but if you have a chance. Find it, watch it, and enjoy.

My declaration is that after my comps…I shall watch the 25th Anniversary concert and will then judge whether or not I liked the musical.



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