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Pinterest Experiments: DIY Candles

You might’ve seen my recent post about cutting recycled bottles. And you might wonder “why would you ever want to do that?!” It does seem kind of dangerous when you think about it. So many things could go wrong. Glass could break and you could cut your finger, or arm, or face. Or it could shatter and land in your eye. Or chocolate milk.

So…to cover my bases, just in case (and because people are kind of stupid a lot of the time) do not attempt cutting glass without the right equipment. It’s dangerous. Use your brain.

ANYwho. I saw this post on Pinterest with a picture like this one…

photo credit:
photo credit:

And I thought “Hmm…if I could take the labels off of the bottles, those would be really cute.” And as I continued to think about it I thought that I could even get some glass painting pens and draw on recently cut bottles. So that’s what I’ve experimented with!


I bought wax on Amazon because it’s cheaper than buying it at a craft store. You’ll also need some wick. You can get a lot of different types of wick so be sure that you research which kind of candle you want to make and what kind of wick will work (ahhh…alliteration) with the candles you’re trying to make. You can also get different types of scents and colors! There’s a world of opportunities out there for candlestick making!

After I started experimenting with the beer bottles, I thought it would be fun to experiment with wine and liquor bottles, too!

IMG_2048Obviously, these were our Christmas presents.

IMG_2282 IMG_2281 IMG_2280 IMG_2279


It took a long time for us to get into a groove of how to melt the wax, let it dry, etc. Some of them turned out kind of…interesting. But hey…it’s fun to do!

Made for David cause he loves movies!

IMG_2284 IMG_2330 IMG_2032

I'm sure Tori is going to see this but I would still be excited if this is how I found out about my Christmas Christmas, Tori!
I’m sure Tori is going to see this but I would still be excited if this is how I found out about my Christmas present…so…Merry Christmas, Tori!

Anyways, we’ve been having a blast making the candles. If you’d like specific information on how to do it, leave a comment!

Until next time, fellow BFs!



4 thoughts on “Pinterest Experiments: DIY Candles”

  1. You are an incredible best friend. That is an incredible gift and I can’t wait to get it!!!! AH, please tell me you were wearing the apron when you made this! even if you weren’t!!!!! I’m so excited right now!!!

    1. It takes a lot of practice to be able to cut the bottles without cutting yourself. So I will say once, twice, and three times USE ALL SAFETY PRECAUTIONS NECESSARY (gloves, eye protection, etc) so that you don’t hurt yourself or others!

      You’ll need a glass cutter. We purchased ours from Hobby Lobby for about $4. Once you have the glass cutter, you can use it to score the bottle. This takes practice as well since you’ll have to score it so that the beginning and ending score lines match. Don’t push too hard on the glass or else you won’t get a clean cut. You should barely be able to see the score marking.

      Once you’re finished scoring the bottle, hold it over a candle flame so that the bottle heats up. Tilt the top of the bottle toward the countertop so that the heat gets trapped in the bottle. Rotate the bottle so that it heats evenly. After approximately 1 minute (maybe longer if the glass is thicker), immediately place it under a stream of cold water. The bottle should break fairly easily. However, if it doesn’t, repeat the process. Whatever you do…do NOT try to force the glass apart. That’s a terrible idea.

      I hope this helps!! Don’t try it on your favorite bottle…it’s really hard and you’ll need a couple of practice bottles first. Beer bottles are the easiest to practice on! And they’re the easiest to find! :)

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